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Single eye-lidded dolls?`

Aug 9, 2008

    1. I've been looking and looking, and noticed--almost all BJD, despite Asian origin, have double lids. This is all fine and dandy, but as I wanted to have one or two Asian dolls, single lids would be appreciated. So, are there any molds for 60+cm dolls that have single-lidded eyes, or will I be forced to get a Minimee or find a modder?
    2. There's Elfdoll's Mir, and Souldoll has a few that might be what you're looking for.
    3. Other than Elfdoll Mir and some of the Souldoll Double boys, a few of the older K-Doll heads are without the eyelid crease as well. Quite a few "dreaming" heads don't have a molded in eye creases either.
    4. Thanks! ^^ Souldoll does have a few nice heads

      Thanks! I'll keep an eye out. And I figured in the end I'd wind up getting a dreaming head and having the eyes cut open ^^
    5. Customhouse St. Mina is very Oriental looking. She was limited and has been out of stock for some time, but sometimes you can find one for sale by an owner.

      Also, check out Shinydoll Akali. She looks very Asian.
    6. HappyDoll Lucy looks very Asian.

      Linda S.
    7. Um.. actually many Asians have double lids too ^^; I'm one of them. Maybe it's just the more almond or halfmoon eye shape you might want to look out for? :)
    8. i think for asian looking dolls its more of the eye-shape than the fact that they have single eyelids, this way there could be more dolls for you to choose from..

      besides not all asians have single eyelids..
    9. Ninodoll has a few nice heads.:) It's not really single eye-lidded, but Um.Pyo and Woo.U look asian.
    10. To those mentioning the double lid--yes, I do realise that, but it's not really the look I was going for :sweat There tends to be a very different shape between the different eyes...I'm just really detail-particular though (it probably has to do with my envy of a particular friend's pretty eyes in elementary school X3)
    11. If you don't mind a ever so slight touch of double eyelid there's the CP Harang (I couldn't find a blank face to show how much of a fold there is but this person's custom face-up shows it pretty well http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1202472&postcount=6)

      Souldoll also has their Korean star dolls that both appear to have single eyelids. Also some of their basic double boys seem to have single lids or just have a touch of double lids.
    12. Most Lumedolls I'm pretty sure have single lids. At least the mold I picked does. :)
    13. I've noticed that a LOT of sleeping dolls that have had their eyes "opened" have a smooth upper lid, and are make a very sweet looking girl and smouldering boys...? Just an idea?

      It could be a LOT less expensive option to a minimee...
    14. Some asians do have the double lid, but I think most of them don't? :[ I know that I don't, and that most of the asians I know don't either, but I do know a few who have really pretty ones. If you're going for a really asian look, I would say Elfdoll's Soah is really nice. Not, the Sooah, but the one with the single o cause she doesn't have a double lid.
    15. Indeed, Elfdoll's Soah hasn't got a eyelid crease at all.

      You should also check out Supia Rosy - her eyelids have a single crease, and she looks very Asian indeed!
    16. Leekeworld L Cliffe barely has an eyelid crease at all. I haven't painted him completely yet, but he would definately make a rather sexy asian! You might be able to find one second hand as the order period is over, but dollsandfriends.com are still doing the orders for him.

      absynthe x
    17. Iplehouse Asa, Soo and Zera also have single eyelids. For Asa, they have the basic one and the limited editions. The limited editions are named Tokyo Story and Special Edition (they have two versions). You might find other dolls that are single-lidded in Iplehouse. Soo also has a Tokyo Story version.