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*SINKY NEKO* Renewal and ltd. set updating.

Apr 19, 2012

    1. Hi everyone.
      I'm chesca.

      Slinky neko was renew and updated new works.
      I named special work for doll by chesca..(so long...;;;)
      From now on, slinky neko will update mainly with my work sets.
      So All of goods will small or limited quantity.

      During a month, 1~2 design limited set of BJD (slinkyneko, anotherspace),
      2 outfit sets for 1/6 doll and other doll custom or package set.

      Opening sets are Tan skin Jr. borry and Little haroo.
      Both the set are 3 limited quantity and all work by myself.

      And, littles' body chaned new action body. ^^;;

      I'll work hard for new my site after~ Thank you.:lol:


      SLINKY NEKO SITEhttp://slinkyneko.com

      Sale :(Ltd. Haroo and tan skin borry)
      20:00 Friday 20th April(korean time)