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Sinyland Vien, Victoria, and Veronica

Nov 29, 2010

    1. Sinylands Vien Victoria and Veronica. News Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?410096-Sinyland-New-Dolls

      Not a whole lot of information, Tata's Paradise has yet to release them.

      I remember they had a eBay section sometime ago (not sure if they still do) I think they had one mold out then and they're normal skin matched Volks normal skin.

      I really like these molds, has kind of a Glorydoll-esque beauty to them, me thinks ;)
    2. :D Thanks for making the discussion thread! They do have a Glorydoll feel, but the also remind me a touch of Alice in Labyrinth and MSDoll. I am very excited about these sculpts!
    3. I don't know anything about sinyland dolls- where are they made? And does anyone know who the sculptor is? And also what resins will they match? I assume the heads on tata's paradise site are SD sized? Does anyone know for sure? Thanks!
    4. I believe Sinyland is based out of China. Here is their website and they also have resin matches listed in the profile/sales links to Bless. Their heads are SD sized as far as I know. :D
    5. Absolutely adore these 3!

      Too bad I just swore I was done with new dolls...


      i'm totally getting the AiL/DT vibe from them...what lovely faces and profiles!
    6. Let me know how that works out for you....I've been trying the same thing for a couple of years now (doesn't work).
    7. Just updating from TATA...
      The heads will be $110 and will be put up for sale around the end of January/February. TATA isn't sure of the exact timing because of Chinese New Year, but will update when there is further news.
    8. It always works just til I see another pretty face.

      Right now I'm pitifully waiting on 3 dolls...NEVER say never, I really ought to know that by now, eh? :D
    9. I really like the look of Vien and Veronica, though I wonder if they're the same sculpt. If they're not, they're awfully close. I am positive they're SD heads. Veronica is on a Volks SD body and Victoria is on the SD16 girl body. If the rest of the heads are true to these pictures, there are your Volks comparisons.
    10. All three sculpts look similar...I wonder if they're modifications of a single sculpt.
    11. thanks for the updates masala_chai_tea And "Bless" was the mold I was thinking of! good deal. I'm glad they are not limited, $110 you cant beat that. I mite just have to bring Vien home...if Another Secret doesn't come out with any new molds soon ;).
    12. I'm in the same boat as you! XD I am waiting for what else Another Secret is releasing, but these three Sinyland sculpts are so pretty! I like that they're not limited though! Sigh of relief here. :)
    13. They're really pretty sculpts, though the one I'm truly in love with is the old Bless sculpt. :D
      Does anyone know for certain if white matches the iplehouse rose white body (SID or YID?)? Or what other options besides Volks is available to match with the white skin... Yes I know they have a picture there showing resin comparison, but neither my screen nor my eyes are very good with telling apart similar colors. XD
    14. As posted in the news thread, SinyLand has these heads up for sale (prospected delivery in March 2011) for 20% off ($88) til January 1.

      There are images of both Veronica and Vien blank heads...they're similar, but not the same (Vien's eyes are different and the mouth is more parted).

      I can't resist, oh my!

      I'm having trouble with the shopping cart pages in Firefox and Safari...anyone else? Am I going to need to use IE or something weird?
    15. I recently ordered Victoria in white skin, and was glad to see a discussion about the right match up body type. I thought I had stopped my doll buying spree too, until I saw her face. There was no pause, and no regret buying her.
    16. There is an eBay section for them now. This is a quote of some of the data from that listing:

      skin tone : normal / white (similar to Volks)
      Victoria (head only)
      Head circumference: 24cm(10 inch)
      Eye size: 16~18mm
      Available bodies: Volks SD10 boy&girl body /SD13 boy&girl body /SD16girl body

    17. Has anyone done a faceup on one of these girls yet? Really looking forward to seeing some owner pictures. Thanks!