+SIO2+ Discussion

Jan 3, 2016

    1. I thought it would be good to start a discussion for this interesting new company!
      This discussion will focus on their 1/3 scale heads.

      A waiting room for orders has been created and is here!

      Personally, I am super excited to see this company grow and will be ordering a Cold Dew head soon. That amazing unicorn bust piece is also super tempting, we'll see about that haha.
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    2. O_o I'd like to know what are the prices... Because It's written in chinese and I'm not really familiar with This website.... If someone could help me...
    3. Just one 1/3 head and one animal doll available, it's pre-order, blank head is about 90usd.
      Animal doll - human body unassemble sheep about 60usd.
      This is the direct conversion of the exchange rate price.
    4. That's so cheap!
    5. This is Chinese Taobao price, maybe English site will be expensive than that.