New Doll Sio2 Doll - 寒霜/Hanshuang

Sep 5, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      We are glad to offer a Hanshuang as a prize of DOA 13th Universal~!
      and Hanshuang will be available for pre-order soon!
      1/3 scale
      Head Circumference:24cm
      Neck Circumference: 10cm
      Female body suggestion: Spiritdoll elegance female body, Longsoul elegance female body, Volks SD16 body, and other BJD female body which has closer body data. (The body of picture is Volks SD16 body)
      Male body suggestion: Damellia Dynasty 1/3 body, Dika 60cm, Longsoul bloom body, and other BJD male body which has closer body data.
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    2. Hello, do you have more pictures?
    3. We will share more picture when we release Hanshuang <3