New Doll Sio2 Doll - Baby Chipmunk - (1/12 BJD)

Jun 17, 2020

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      Unique Souls & Unique BJDs. Official Agent by SiO2Doll

      SIO2DOLL - 1/12 BJD - Baby Chipmunk

      Such a special size baby~

      Order method:
      1. Order through Etsy: Unique Souls & Unique BJDs. Official Agent by SiO2Doll

      2. Send us an order email to [email protected] with following information

      Email subject: Sio2doll order
      Email content:

      Skin color:

      Your real name:
      Your shipping address:
      Zip code:
      Phone number:

      Your PayPal account:
      (we will send you an invoice directly)

      Include: resin wigx1, earx2, headx1, body x1, box x1, COA x1
      The doll will assembled for you ❤️
      Skin color: Normal skin and white skin
      (special skin color chipmunk is time limited and available at another page)

      Layaway is NOT available at this point.

      Shipping: at this point we only ship through DHL. Please provide your phone number if possible, and please do not use post box address.

      Send us messages if you have any question, thank you ❤️
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    2. What size eyes does this use?
    3. 14mm