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Preorder SIO2 Doll - Burmilla

Jun 15, 2017

    1. Hi everyone, this is Ziqian Yang, the doll artist from SIO2, a personal doll work studio.

      I am very happy to announce Burmila, the latest addition of the Ragdoll series, is accepting international preorders. This is also our first time to be accepting orders from our customers worldwide.


      Height: 28cm
      Recommended eye size: 16mm
      Head circumference: 15.5cm
      Skin color(s): White only
      Burmilla comes in different option packages, and you can choose from package A, B,C or D.
      (*All Burmilla package will NOT come with any head/body make up)
      Tips: Ragdoll body has a smaller upper body compared to regular
      Yosd (1/6) doll, therefore we would recommend 1/8 or blythe doll size upper wear for her.(For example: 1/8 TEE)



      Pacakage D will come with the optional hands (6 pairs of hands) on the picture.

      Our order period is June 16,2017 – July 16,2017(UTC+8). Kindly notice that all of our dolls are on a limited run. There will be NO RE-RELEASE of the same doll once the preorder period is closed.
      Burmilla is a genderless doll, owners can choose either human or ragdoll legs in their favor. Optional hands are available too.

      To place an order, fill in and send out the order form on our web page. (←click and go)

      Please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or send an e-mail to [email protected] titled “customer service”if you have any question.

      Hopefully you will like Burmilla as we do, and we will be much delighted if you will leave a like and/or share this post to your friends too!

      #1 Sio2Doll, Jun 15, 2017
      Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
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    2. Does B & D come with ALL the hands in the photos? All 6 sets or only 1 set of them?
    3. Hi, yes set B and D will come with all the six pairs of hands on the picture.
      This is our first time to accepting international order, please feel free to contact us for anything we can improve.
      thank you!
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    4. could you show a comparison picture between the human legs and ragdoll legs? :)
    5. here you go :)

      and here is some more picture of Ragdoll body, the head is Ragdoll (Not Burmilla)
      Ragdoll is sold out and won't releasing in the future.
      #5 Sio2Doll, Jun 17, 2017
      Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
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    6. are the hands magnetic? meaning easy to switch out?
    7. Nope, it is same as other regular BJD hands :)
    8. Is there an option to get both legs? =)
    9. Sorry, we don't open that option right now. It might happen in the future :)
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    10. Hello! I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but on Burmilla's order page, the option package buttons, layaway, and remark / comment aren't working, at least, not on Google Chrome (browser).
      Other than that, Burmilla is so cute! <3
    11. Hi, since all of our orders runs through emails, you can just leave the word and everything will be fine.
      Feel free to contact us if you have other question, thanks!
      For example:
      Option Package *
      Package C (or other package you would like to purchase)
      *If you need to order more than one Doll, please choose any one of the options and type “multiple orders” in the comment section.
      Do you need a layaway? Yes
    12. What size wig is recommended? 6/7, yo sd sized? or smaller?
    13. Her head circumference is15.5cm, so regular 1/6 wigs works on her :)