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New Doll SIO2 Doll-Taolu SP/Peach Deer SP

Aug 18, 2017

    1. [​IMG]
      coming soon!​
      #1 Sio2Doll, Aug 18, 2017
      Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
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    2. Is this a re-release of the previous Taolu? She's so beautiful!
    3. Do you have an estimate of when you'll be selling her? She is very beautiful and I will definitely be buying her.
    4. She is Taolu SP, and here is a picture of Taolu so you can identify the difference in their eyes :)

      We haven't decide the actual date yet, she will release in any time of two months.
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    5. I'm thrilled to see a release of Peach Deer again. Will there be an international preorder for these heads the way there was for Aoandon?
    6. Yes, we will release Taolu Special :) please notice she has difference than Taolu.
      and yes, she will available for international order the same way as Aoandon.
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    7. That's wonderful! I look forward to seeing her released soon! :D Thank you for answering my question.
    8. hi.. is there any possibility that you will be selling normal taolu again in the future? i missed a chance to buy her in your previous selling time so i would be really happy if i have a chance to buy her in the future ><
    9. Sorry, we won't release Taolu again. :) our doll are usually in limited run.
    10. Ah, I see! Thank you for clarifying the difference. The new eye shape is very nice. I will be looking forward to her release!
    11. Will 寒霜Hanshuang be available for international pre-order any soon?
    12. We will post on DOA once we plan to release Hanshuang for pre-order. Thank you!
    13. What is her head circumference please.
    14. Eyes:16mm/14mm
      Head Circumference:24cm
      Neck Circumference: 10cm

      Female body suggestion: Spiritdoll elegance female body, Longsoul elegance female body, Volks SD16 body, and other BJD female body which has closer body data.
      Male body suggestion: Luts SDF65 body, Popo Doll 68 body, and other BJD male body which has closer body data.
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    15. Quick question! I've noticed that the Taolu SP head is up for sale on Stacy's Pink Ocean. Just trying to figure out if this is her official ordering period for her, or if you'll have a separate one from this one?

      Taolu SP edition head-Sio2 Doll 1/3 Girl(Limited) - stacyspinkocean.com

      Also one of their listings have her available with your bust piece, so does that mean you will also offer this bust piece?
      Thank you for answering my questions!
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    16. Unfortuantly, no. SIO2 currently is NOT authorizing any person / company for all the international sales and we didn't authorized Stacy's Pink Ocean to sell ANY Sio2 Doll.
      All of our official sales will go through our website and order by email. Yes, the bust piece will open for order in the same time with Taolu SP.
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    17. I'm a little confused, since the other doll is currently open for pre-orders, did I miss this ones pre-orders?
    18. Taolu SP will release after Hanshuang :)
    19. Oh ok, I see. Thank you! :)