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SIO2 Doll

Apr 28, 2017

    1. Since there's no thread about the girls I loved so much from SIO2 doll, I guess I just start one :D

      SIO2 Official website

      Sadly, the artist doesn't updated very much on her own website.
      Here is their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sio2Doll/?fref=ts

      I really love the girls from Ziqian(SIO2's doll artist).
      Here is a picture from her Weibo (kinda Chinese twitter), SIO2 - White Dew
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    2. SIO2 makes various size of dolls.But for 1/3 size, this is the list
      Cold Dew
      White Dew
      Peach Deer

      Want more and more people get to know SIO2 dolls coz they are just perfect little angel:hug:
      #2 InMoreShines, Apr 28, 2017
      Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
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    3. SIO2 makes such wonderful dolls- I'm always curious what new doll she releases next^^

      I've had my Cold Dew, Jun, for 1½ years now... I still need to get her proper eyes, but at least she has a body ;) Here she is wearing an old messy wig^^ Hoping I can someday add another SIO2 doll to my collection :3

      [​IMG]JunJun by Lotte, on Flickr
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    4. Ah I'm glad to see a thread for these sculpts! I'm excited for the upcoming Peach Deer Special. I think she'd work well for something I have in mind.

      Lotte Rotten, your Jun is beautiful. I like her faceup very much.
      #4 ledniir, Aug 24, 2017
      Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
    5. So, I found Peach Deer, and I was wondering if anyone else was planning to nab such a pretty head. She takes a bigger body, what are you planning to put her on?
      #5 Pandy, Sep 4, 2017
      Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
    6. Thank you!^^ I really adore the big girls by SIO2 and I'm surprised not more people own SD heads from this company... Peach Deer Special is a cutie- I hope you will order her and post photos :kitty2
    7. Here is specification from sio2's facebook :D

      Specification of Taolu SP/Peach SP
      Head Circumference:24cm
      Neck Circumference: 10cm
      Female body suggestion: Spiritdoll elegance female body, Longsoul elegance female body, Volks SD16 body, and other BJD female body which has closer body data.
      Male body suggestion: Luts SDF65 body, Popo Doll 68 body, and other BJD male body which has closer body data.
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    8. Hello everyone!! I wanted to share a picture of my Peach Deer boy :whee:! This sculpt is so cute as a boy or girl <3.


      As for the bodies, my boy is on a 65 cm Switch HummingDolly boy body.

      I personally feel like the Peach Deer head was biiiiig...With this in mind, I bought a Spiritdoll PROUD 66 cm girl body to hybridize with the head, but the proportion was a bit strange for my taste. I felt like the head was still too big even on a large female body. Also, the resin match was not even close, lols. The head was much more pale and the Spiritdoll body more yellow (2017 batch), though I'm sure anyone can blush it to match!

      I definitely prefer this head more on a 65 cm male body (and the resin is much better with the Switch body).

      If anyone's interested in seeing the hybrid pics, please click the links below (please ignore the mess in the BG :sweat):


      Hope to see lots more of Sio2 Dolls here!
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    9. Hot diggity, he is really nice! I am double determined to get one now. Thank you too for the info on bodies and resin matches, both of you! Now I can plan. I'ma leave a bit of space for future body in the budget spreadsheet, boop beep boop.
    10. My Gosh, your Peach Deer boy is absolutely amazing!!! I never knew this sculpt would make such an adorable boy!! You need to post more pictures of this cutie- please!!! :XD:
    11. Do you guys think here's any difference between the taolu and taolu sp sculpts other then the eyes?
    12. I was wondering about that, and I don't really see what else it would be.
    13. So pretty!!! I got my Taolu a male body too!
      Here is a picture of mine, when he was on female body LOL glad to see people share their SIO2 1/3 doll here

      I guess the eyes are the only difference? if you put a taolu picture on the left and sp picture on the right. can't really tell the diffference.

      BTW, did you guys see sio2 new thread? a new head called Hanshuang <3 that doll, i bet would be perfect for a crying face-up lol
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    14. I was so worried when I saw the sales notice for Hanshuang. But I really would like it if we had more pictures of her.
    15. Why so worried? Hmmmm, did you follow their facebook? They ususally update picture their
    16. I was super worried I would really like her more, like I really like Peach Deer. I am on the fence with Hanshuang, but I think I will pass. However, I hope someone gets her and shows her off, because she is really cute!
    17. Oh I hear you! Whenever I see that SIO2 are releasing a new sculpt I'm both excited but also worried that I will fall in love- as the last thing I really need right now is more floating heads + my bank account is dying from spending too much money on doll stuff this summer! >___<

      Hanshuang is super adorable- she would make the cutest boy as well! I do hope someone gets her and posts many pictures!!^^
    18. It's lovely to see more Peach Deer photos! Thank you both for posting :)

      I'm looking forward to the order period for Peach Deer SP opening, since I am fairly sure that I will be getting her. It's a bit stressful as I have never had a resin before and am somewhat terrified about yellowing and breakage and similar things, but at the same time, there are so few sculpts that I like so much as this one.

      I'm also a bit concerned about finding a body: I would like something in the 56-53 cm range (the character is supposed to be about 165cm tall in full scale) but I don't want the head to look overly bobbleheaded. I'm not looking for perfectly realistic proportions, but I don't want it to look too awkward either. If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate them a great deal!
    19. Welp, Hanshuang's been released and yeah...she's perfect for a character of mine. Though the character is male and I intend to put the head on a 65cm body (probably the Island Doll First body). Thank everything that Sio2 offers layaway. :XD: I'm so excited, this will be my first artist head!
    20. Wait, they do offer layaway? That is going to cause me no end of trouble. All the heads!