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Sister, Sister, Brother, Brother

May 8, 2017

    1. Are your dolls in your family siblings? Are their sculpts from the same companies to look as similar as they can?
    2. I've got two sisters both are from Dollchateau (Alma and Faust) I've also a sister and little brother and they are from diffrent companies. The sister is a Leekeworld Mikhaila and the brother a Irrealdoll Enyo. There both a tan doll
    3. There are a couple threads like this, so it might get merged, but I'm gonna answer anyway. :kitty1

      Ilya is half of a fraternal twin duo; they'll both be from Dollzone, but Ilya is a Carter and Nikos will be an Ivan. Then their littler brother Sylvan will be a DZ Scarecrow Hal.

      I also have two Chinese luck spirits (pixiu) that will be Immortality of Soul's Co and Cho, so pretty similar. (Their names are Enlai and Renshen.)

      Theeeen I have quintuplets... I'm not 100% sure what their sculpts will be, but they'll be almost identical. (Probably Soom MSDs or YoSDs, since the quints are deer fauns.)

      I tend to prefer my sibling pairs to be slightly different sculpts, or at least have noticeably different faceups; I wouldn't want to gave have two of the exact same doll. You could just photoshop that doll into a picture twice if the twins were exactly the same. :lol:
    4. I have Twin brothers, John and Joe (Iplehouse Arvids, I have both EID and FID size)
      Then I have their older brother Ro in SD size, Iplehouse SID Eric, I want an FID Claude to turn into a MSD Ro.

      I also have cousins. Iplehouse SID Zera (Felicia) and EID Jessica (Vanessa)
    5. I have two sets of siblings so far. And sadly I don't know what sculpts they will be. I have the character fleshed out for the most part but nothing else.
    6. Aletheia and Mariana are my only siblings. Mariana is a Bambicrony Emily and Aletheia is an Iplehouse Yur. They don't look very much alike. However! Mariana's grown up version Lorina/Rose looks pretty similar to her, being an Iplehouse Rexy.
    7. My doll family are based on my OCs, and are one big, happy family for the most part. I have Patrick and Ron who are both from Elfdoll, but different sculpts (K and Aden), who look like they could be related, which was entirely intentional.

      And then there are Rachel, Elly and Taya, who all look nothing alike, even though they are full biological sisters. Rachel is a Luts Summery '10, Elly is a Parabox Alice (not even resin) and Taya is an Iplehouse Benny in LB skin.

      For some of them I put in a lot of thought in what sculpts would work, and others fell into my lap and just ended up working out. Elly was an impulse purchase - I originally had a completely different doll in mind, but she worked out better. I bought Rachel because I just liked the sculpt. But I chose the Elfdoll Aden for Ron specifically because I thought he looked like Patrick.
    8. I have a brother (Obitsu) and sister (Dollfie Dream). Both are vinyl and anime style, so they match up pretty well. Someday I'd like to do another brother and sister, but with the Obitsu msd size.
    9. Mildew (Volks Miisha)


      And Squish (DIM Flowne)


      ...are both the daughters of Arkytrope (Unidoll Ark). Squish needs a new faceup and eyes; the family resemblance would be stronger.

    10. I have a few!

      My first set of "siblings" are Parker and Rose. (Rose is technically his daughter, but his parents adopted her since she was unplanned.) They are totally different companies, he's 5Star Doll, she's Asleep Eidolon, but she looks similar to his childhood sculpt, IslandDoll Kevin.

      My second set are Tanner and Josey, they are Volks and Luts. They don't look much alike.

      My most recent set are Luc and Marie. They're both Luts Senior Delf--he's a Howl, she's a Verna. She's not home yet, but when she is, she'll be painted to look very similar to him.

      I also have other family--Kier and Eirnin are first cousins, and Derby is Eirnin's niece. They are very different sculpts, which makes sense, considering they all have different parents. Kier's dad and Eirnin's mom are siblings.

      Lastly, though off topic, I do have Jellybean and Oreo, who are Sakura & Paper hamster sisters! <3
    11. Maddy and her sisters (and a Dalek, who isn't a sister.) Five at the moment, but I think there will be two more added. Maddy and Swan are both PKF Mios in different skin tones, Bowie is a PKF Luna, Sigourney is a PKF Crystal and Alcyone is a PKF Icis in tan.

      [​IMG]Maddy and her sisters by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
    12. I have 2 David Kuncci's from Dollshe & they are twin brothers. David has brown long hair & Davian has long black hair. I wanted to keep them similar but different at the same time.
    13. I currently have a pair of brothers in my dolly family. I originally tried to make the brothers in chibi (tiny) form before with a Volks and a Rosen Lied but that didn't work out too well because the difference between them was really jarring. They are now bigger boys who are from different companies - Iplehouse and Souldoll. They even come in different skin tone lol. The grown-up elder brother is supposed to be a healthy, well-toned kind of guy (since he's good in sports) whereas the younger one is kinda skinny and frail (and dreamy) so the differences all worked out in the end, for me at least! :)

      A picture of the brothers! :kitty2

      My little Lati Yellow boy also has a twin brother but I don't have a doll for his brother character yet LOL. Poor boy has been waiting for his brother for like forever lmao! :lol:
    14. I have a brother and sister, Lir and Elinore. They do look alike, a bit, both with light skin and brown hair. Lir's hazel eyes have more colors in them than Elinore's more green hazel eyes.
    15. I don't have any siblings/blood relatives... Pete and Billy kind of 'adopted' each other, so I didn't need them to look related, but wanted them to be from the same company so that they would share a more general aesthetic. So I often wind up leaving them in cozy sibling type poses on the shelf together, but I don't have blood family for either of them since their story doesn't touch on any other relatives that either has.
    16. The character plan for my dolls is that Alex has a sister (undecided sculpt, but thinking Ringdoll because Alex is a Ringdoll), and the MK Cris I'm waiting on is her son. The story goes that something happens to the little one's parents, and he's sent to his uncle for a while (if not indefinitely, in the future of the story, to save on more dolls...).

      The DF-A practice head I'm waiting on; no relation to the other two. He's on a different plotline, in a different story, but paths could cross somehow, briefly.
    17. Terrible snapshot, but - everyone, meet the Browns:

      Katie, Jo and Timmy are siblings. They're all Iple heads (Katie and Timmy are hybrids) with a bit of family resemblance - or so I think.
      Fun fact: I've had Jo (Bianca) home for years, but nothing seemed to stick, character-wise. Only when Katie (Bliss), who's a main character in my main story, came home and I saw them side by side did I notice the resemblance, and Bianca clicked into her Jo persona instantly. Timmy (Noel) was bought when Iple retired a bunch of sculpts because I'd picked him out for his resemblance to his sisters and didn't want to miss him. I would have preferred a full doll but didn't have the funds to spare at that point, so now he's sharing bodies until I decide what to do about it. :)
    18. My SD's are mostly sibs, half-sibs and cousins in a big extended Victorian family, some of them have the same sculpt but mos of them I just got becuase I liked them - after all, many real-llife siblings look nothing alike (my sisters and myself, for example, no-one would think we were related going by colouring, appearance, or personality)

      I have nine-year-old twins (boy and girl) who share the same RML sculpt, an eleven-year-old girl with the same sculpt, and a fourteen-year-old cousin with the same one too, but the rest of the family range from 19(ish) down to toddler and have heads from Luts, Elfdoll, Kaye Wiggs, Volks, Ninodoll, DollsTown, a few different RML sculpts, AiL, MerryDollRound, and Custom House.

    19. My first siblings are kinda an odd match... They're a Dikadoll AAAAA and an Impledoll Vivien... But the Impledoll is the older brother XD and he's a lot smaller in width and kinda in hight! But the sculpts worked well for each of them ;-; (sorry the pic is so fuzzy)[​IMG]

      My second set of siblings are all the same company~ But I currently dont have a good picture of the three of them, just a jokey one XD


      Aaand my twins (who are actually triplets but their brother is still being looked for haha)


      I really need to get my RS Song's sister, but I keep putting it off ;-; I have a lot of sibling and cousin groups among my OCs, so I love getting them shelled~~
    20. Here are some of the girls in my SD family of sibs/half-sibs/cousins, just as an illustration of their diverse sculpts:[​IMG]
      From left to right the sculptsare Volks Kujo, Kaye Wiggs Nettle, RML R20J, MerryDollRound Merry, RML R02, RML R01, AiLHeley (modded)