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Sites selling military uniform?

Mar 22, 2008

    1. hi,
      not sure if this is the right section to post the thread but i decided it might be the most logical place to ask.
      basically, i found these uniforms on Dollmore, but neither of them will fit any of the D.O.Cs from Dream of Doll.
      does anyone know any other sites that sell military uniforms and/or other accessories that will fit a D.O.C doll?
      i know there are collectors models that are specifically modelled on soldiers and army figurines but i think most of them are fitted to like...the size of an Action Man toy doll, which isn't really suited.
      any help appreciated, thanks :)
    2. it won't let me access the page :?
      that's odd. thanks for the help though, i appreciate it.
    3. Once you have enough posts/time on the board you'll be able to view that thread ^______^;

      You're new so you're still on marketplace restrictions.
    4. What mini do you want the uniform for? EDIT - Just noticed you said DOC.

      There is a possibility that the fabric jackets from very muscular 12-inch action figures may fit your mini if his chest and arms are not big. I know Narae fit in a Jack Sparrow coat from a well-muscled 12-inch action figure. These actions figure have much bigger arms and chest than a doll like Mattel Ken.

      Examples of bodies and clothing.

      Unfortunately most of the uniforms for the action figures seem to be for past wars like WWI and WWII, and I don't know if there are any for modern US officers (though you will find some plain camo outfits around and maybe some fighter pilot stuff).

    5. Those Heisejinyao outfits should be available on eBay from jeeryama, if the OP doesn't want to wait for Marketplace access. I ordered one for my Delf; it arrived quickly and looked great...even though he hated it and refuses to wear it again :|

      EDIT: Nevermind, his outfits are all for 1/3 and for Hound. Sorry to get anyone's hopes up!
    6. I believe you can ask for those to be made for 1/4 dolls though o.o;;