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Size 4 tiny wigs

Dec 14, 2008

    1. Hey guys, sorry to bother you but I was wondering, does anyone know any websites where I can buy size 4 wigs? I tried searching but size 4 wig is too vague and I got a bazillion random results.

      I've looked at ebay, volks and obitsu but they don't have anything I like. I found some on parabox that I liked, but shipping was more then the actual wig costs Dx so that's a no go.

      Does anyone know anywhere else I can try?
    2. I've got some 3.5 wigs up, they fit a puki. Don't know what you're trying to find the wig for, though.
    3. check the MP under group orders, i think someone is running a Parabox Go.
    4. Denver Doll, Facets by Marcia, and BJDollarama all have size 4. Audreys has some and Grace (JPOPDOLLS.net) has some size 4. You might have to email Grace to see what she has. Sometimes she has stock that isn't listed on the website. Also, Tinybear makes gorgeous mohair wigs in size 4. Depending on which doll you are getting them for, Doll Peddlar has some size 4 that fit the Elfdoll tinies.
    5. Monique carries certain wigs in size 4. Im going to my local doll shop on tuesday to have a look at them ^^
    6. Denver Doll Emporium is definitely a good place. It's kind of a small selection but they have cute wigs.