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Size difference between Dollmore Model girls and Eve girls?

Aug 8, 2007

    1. I am looking at getting a Model doll from dollmore, but when i go to look at clothing and such, it places SD and Model in different categories. What is the difference?
    2. Model Dolls are taller and thinner than SDs, that0s the basic difference :P

      SDs go for 60 cm height (more or less) and Model Dolls are 70 cm :)
    3. Ah, ok. Thank you. That is really good to know.
    4. There's been quite a bit of discussion about this in various threads, such as these:



      Also, you can easily compare the measurements for the Models and Dollmore's "SD" sized dolls on the website, and see the difference. Have you looked at the measurements for yourself? They're very helpful!

      All that said, my DM Bella Auden actually wears some of the SD13 girl clothing that I have. Her bust is fuller than SD13 girls', while her waist is smaller in proportion to her bust. So stretchy or oversized tops can sometimes work, especially if they have short sleeves or are sleeveless (because Model arms are much longer than SD13 girl arms). Some SD13 skirts will fit, again if they're stretchy or loose; Models have wider hips and thighs than SD13 girls. But of course skirts will be much shorter on Models than on SD13 girls. SD13 pants will not work at all--even if they are full enough to go over my Model's thighs, they won't zip/snap over her hips.