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Size names

Jan 11, 2007

    1. Hi everyone. I just ordered a Cherish Lani, and I wanted to know what the 21cm doll name was. Like, for big dolls (57cm and up), we use SD, right? So is there a name for 21cm? I've been trying to find her clothes, but I have no idea what to be looking for. Thanks! :aheartbea
    2. Seems to be everything under 30 cm are considered "Tiny".
      Orientdoll Joong is a 20 cm but I can't think of any other BJD's but I know there are more.

      How about a search for 8" dolls? Riley is 7.5", Tulah is 8" and I'm pretty sure there are other types of dolls on ebay and online in general.
    3. I tried the 8" doll search. Unfortunately, I got no worthwhile results. What size is YO-SD? :aheartbea
    4. I think of the 25-30 cm dolls as petites. I simply can't class them in with 10-14cm dolls as tinies.
    5. YoSDs are 24cm. ^_^
    6. 26cm. =^^=;
    7. *dies* Oops!

      *wonders where I got 24 from then*

      In comparison to SD sizes, though, they really are tiny. XD
    8. yeah. but my banji compared to my yo's has almost the same size variation as my yo's to my sds.
      I dont know, I love em all, all sizes, but love the portability of the tinys in the broader definition of the term.
    9. I like "Petite".

      Then the Elfdoll Hana becomes a petite (in my head anyways) and Elfdoll Min(and all the others) remains a "Tiny"... :)
    10. Miniscules? XD

      And definitely yes, as a person with a chronic back problem, being able to just carry a Yo-size around to stuff instead of an entire sd13 is SUCHLOVE™
    11. guys, thanks for the advice. it's such a shame that clothes for smaller dolls are less available. very frustrating.
    12. would the Banji clothes fit? on dollmore
    13. My Alley wears Riley and Tiny Betsy stuff really well, as well as some Bratz items. I've had success with some Barbie tops as well.

      Cherishdolls aren't the same size as any other BJD, unfortunately...the ones the same height (Joong/Lucy) are much slimmer. But they're definitely considered "tiny".
    14. we were talking about this not so long ago on one of the Yahoo tiny groups

      I consider tiny from tiny up to My i-elf ...or Joong /Lucy or Hana ...to me these are tiny

      from HappyDoll Teeny up Teeny and Yo up Small ;)

      but convenience I dont mind labeling them tiny on DOA
    15. I do actually feel as though these should be split up. Like 10 to, I dunno, 18cm is considered Tiny, then 19 to 25cm are Small, then 26 to 40 is Medium. Something like that. it would certainly make it easier ;-)
    16. I'm like 6 years late but maybe someone will need this thread in the future so... I think this doll can wear lati yellow SPecial clothes as they are 20cm tall and they're not slim ^^
    17. I'm used to 1/6 scale fashion dolls so when I think "tiny" I tend to think of something 6 inches and under. Like, dollhouse scale. It's all in what you are comparing it to.