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Size of Eyes for Volks FCS F-16?

Jun 5, 2005

    1. Probably 16mm (but possibly 14).

      Here's my F-16 Rhunei with 16mm eyes:

    2. Thankyou for your reply and the picture Janne <3
      It helped alot <3
    3. You're welcome, FireCandy. It can depend on the kind of eye too, of course. The ones in my pictures are Angel Eyes.
    4. OT, but dark-haired boy with pale eyes = hot! :love (wah, Rhunei and Lawrence are converting me to the F-16 dark side T_T)
    5. Just as a complete aside, the doll in the first pics looks just like Verruca from Buffy (the hot chick werewolf that Oz got it on with)...
    6. "Wow!" to both photos...
    7. Want me to try 14 mm in my F16? Let me know and I will!
    8. This is Lucien in 14mm light blue.


      I actually think the eyes in that head might be 12mm! They look so small!
    9. Thankyou for you pictures Fyredancer :D
      Im suprised, they must be very tiny XD