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Skinny 60cm male doll?

Jun 12, 2009

    1. I'm wondering which male body (60cm) is the thinnest. Are there any where the body might look slightly emaciated? I don't want it to go overboard, but a bit unnaturally thin would be perfect. Anybody have any suggestions?
    2. Hmm, this is an interesting question. I'm tempted to say that the Resinsoul guys are the skinniest right now.

      I know Batchix used to make an emaciated "zombie body" but she hasn't made large boy dolls in a while and the bodies are very hard to find, as she only made a few.
    3. A few people have mentioned Lumedoll boys as being some of the most thin. They're about a centimeter shorter than the Ringdoll boys, but have similar proportions.
    4. Things have changed so much since I last purchased a doll! Do any of you know if the Lumedoll or Ringdoll look appropriate with another company's head mold? I'm not really loving either of those, but the bodies are perfect.