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Skinny Dolls

Feb 15, 2018

    1. Hey There :)what do you think about skinny dolls ? I don‘t like them, when they are to skinny. I mean when you see the bones and thinks like that.
    2. I think it depends on the character I have in mind. But I like the look of Popovy Sisters or Pasha Pasha dolls for a couture, high fashion sort of doll but I would more display them than play with them a lot like the rest of my dolls. :)
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    3. People have their own preferences. I personally love how gangly and skinny Doll Chateau dolls are and I love my Snow Nymph. I can definitely see how they wouldn't be for everyone though ^_^
    4. Personally, I really dislike super thin dolls. I like my dolls to look healthy, but I also like a certain aesthetic. I find it really hard to find appealing bodies, as I’m also not a fan of really defined muscles. I’m probably affected by having a close friend who struggled with anorexia for many years, so I can’t see beauty in that aesthetic.

      It actually bothers me less in really stylised sculpts, where they’re abnormally elongated etc.

      I’m sure plenty of people dislike what I love, though, and part of the fun of the hobby is the differences between what people like and create. There are some dolls that I’d never own, but I'm still curious/fascinated by, or impressed at the styling and customisation!
    5. Depends on the way it is done I think, like the Popovy and Tender creation dolls are more slender in a elegant way then in a abnormal or anorexic way..:aangel:
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    6. Personally, I like realistically bodied dolls.
      Bones/ribs showing on dolls depends on the full design. With doll Chareu, It's Obvious It's intentional and fantasy, I wouldn't get one but I've seen them styles so nicely I get tempted.
      But there are companies where they would give doll microscopic waists and massive Busts. If she was real, her spine would break from all that weight, and I find those way less appealing? (there is one by loong soul that looks like ribs were removed for her to have that waist)

      @Frederique I think you just got me to fall in love with Tender Creations's aesthetic
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    7. I personally love the tall and slim look the likes of doll chateu, but I am overall just really into the super model body aesthetic aswell (probably due to my troubles with body image) and I´d love to own one myself someday, they're just a bit over my current budget unfortunately :sigh
    8. It depends on my character but if we're just going by body shape, I prefer a thicker doll. I like my guys almost chunky if we're just going by looks.
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    9. I really love skinny dolls, especially when they have very detailed bodies. But I also really love standard sizes, and plus sizes. As long as the body is sculpted in a way that appeals to me aesthetically and has natural posing abilities, I like it. I buy based on what fits my character, and I have a wide variety of character body types.

      I am a plus sized girl, I have a very thin friend who buys kids' jeans because even junior sizes fall off of her. We've both dealt with negative comments on our body types, and we both find it equally upsetting. I know we're talking about dolls here, not people, but personally, I just really like that there dolls representing many different body types out there.
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    10. Hmm, it depends if the body type fits the doll’s persona for me. I have thin dolls and I have more round bodied girls whom I just adore. It is more fun to have a variety of body types in my collection, for me anyway. Don’t like anything overly one dimensional.
    11. I've been described as painfully thin IRL, even by doctors in the past despite not having health issues, so don't particularly dislike "overly-thin" bodies.
      I don't have any characters that would need super thin dolls for a shell, so I haven't looked into purchasing any. However, if I didn't have issues with owning too many
      resin dolls and wasn't a toy hoarder collector, I would definitely get some just because I like the aesthetics of super thin bodies. Having said that,
      I prefer collecting male dolls and I like male dolls better if they have some muscle on their bodies (not body-builder). I don't collect a lot of BJD girls, so I would probably not
      want thin dolls unless they were girls, I'm not into super scrawny male dolls -- I'm a female, so I don't know if that has any influence, I don't mind super thin-looking-girl-dolls
      but the thought of owning a super thin male doll kind of weirds me out a little and it's hard for me to be weirded out by anything. DX
    12. Long gangly thin limbs kind of put me off on larger scale dolls but I think they can be kinda charming on tinies? Like, they're so small and delicate and cute....MSD+ sized skinny dolls make me nervous because I feel like they'll snap easily. Aesthetically I generally don't really like bony looking bodies though, especially visible ribs. I prefer bodies that are on the thicker side.
    13. Overall I enjoy the diversity of bjds. You can pretty much find one in any body sculpt you'd like, and if it hasn't been made yet most likely someone is doing it. I, myself, prefer thicker girls. I like me a good set of boobs, hips, and thighs! I have a tendency to make my women look bold and strong and I want sculpts that reflect that. I believe every bjd body is made for certain types of characters, some being more versatile than others. In all honesty, it's all in the eye of the beholder. But that's what's so great about bjds! They're a blank canvas to create any character imaginable!
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    14. I'm not really a fan of the DC level of thinness, but I get that's part of their aesthetic. I'll be honest, I really like slender dolls with feminine hourglass figures. But I get that isn't for everyone. I haven't seen a chubby doll before, I didn't know those existed? It must be hard to find clothing for them.
    15. Amazing dolls right!!! i've been looking for one for over a year now. What a dream!<3:aheartbea<3
      #15 Frederique, Feb 16, 2018
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    16. I'm classed as severely underweight but I'm fine. Please everyone take care as to not body shame slim people.
      As for the question, I love all types of body shapes, including super thin. I prefer slim and fit overall but I want my characters to differ from each other so there's a lot of diversity here.
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    17. Wow so many answers:)thank you so much. I think on Fantasy dolls it‘s okay. How you said for example Doll chateau. I also like hourglass bodies with natural looking boobs. I don’t want to shame people. The discussion is only about dolls and there different opinions on body aesthetics. It was not my intention to hurt someone :sorrySry for that. Sometimes in my school time I was bullied for my slim body and small boobs.
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    18. With realistic sculpts, I don't really mind skinny dolls inherently. I guess it just depends on the character I have in mind. If I feel like it suits them, then I like it! Simple as that.

      I love the super-stylized Doll Chateau dolls. They look a little spidery to me, and I've always enjoyed that eerily beautiful aesthetic.
    19. I like all the shapes! :aheartbea I think it is interesting to see all the ways in which artists approach doll making.
      My crew is in need of a realistic style 60cm girl who is model-like thin and flat chested but so far most super thin sculpts tend to be too fantasy, or even moreso, mature minis. Seriously, we've needed this body type for this one character since 2006 and nobody has made one. *hint to any doll makers reading this*
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    20. I go with whatever body type best suits my characters. I have a couple lean ones, a few that are more muscular, and a couple that are really curvy/bust. Besides that, I don't take issue with extremely slender dolls when their proportions are exaggerated (e.g. Doll Chateau). I think where it would bug me is if it crossed the line into attempting to glamorize an anorexic body while keeping proportions very realistic. It's one thing to have an extremely thin doll with the proportions of the DC lot, but it's another to represent a more realistic take one an unhealthy body build.

      Outside that---it's like with shoes: if they fit just right, I'll buy them.:kitty2