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Skull Head of Baron and Halloween Contest from Angell-Studio

Oct 27, 2011

    1. dears all~n__n~o Halloween is coming soon~and we have arranged the Halloween photography event for this festival and the release of the skull version of Baron


      hope you will like it ~and pls feel free to share your Halloween fun with us~n__n~

      And thanks to the suggestion from Mint on card and other AS friends~n__n~ we finally made the skull head for Baron~^^~it will be available in the following month of teh festival~;)

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      Thank you for understanding.


      Thank you for your patience!

      This head is on-topic!
    3. May i ask where we post the pictures for the contest??
    4. Now that the entry date's passed, anyone else who entered waiting to see and/ or know when entries are being posted/judging ends?
    5. I believe they are supposed to be judged in the next five days, which would put it at November 22nd. I entered, and would love to see the other entries! I hope they post them all, not just 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
    6. Do we know when and where the winners will be posted??
    7. I asked George when the winners would be posted and if they would post all the entries or just the winners. He said, "i am sorry but due to some factors, the announcement will be postponed by days~X___x~"

      He did not say if everyone would be posted or only winners. He also did not say by how many days. Since the Christmas promotion announcement just went up, I wonder if they were really busy with that and had to delay? Now that the Christmas promo is up, I hope the contest is announced in the next few days!
    8. I am emailing with George, so when I know anything more, I will post it here.
    9. dears~n__n~o really sorry for keep you waitting for sooo long ~>____<~our fault inedeed~
      yes, we got some problems about the Halloween contest now~X___X~ not in our english district but in the chinese one~T___T~so we are kind of short handed currently~especially, for the building of the english webpage to announce to winners~Q_____Q
      But we have seelttled the award winners of this contest~n__n~the Baron head and the right for a limited doll head release will be honored when we make the announcement.The winners can contact us by this address angell-studio-en@hotmail.com for the award~n__n~

      I am now busy with the classification of the entries~and will try my best to get the everything ready with days~ God bless me Q____Q
      and thank you for all of your patience~n__n~
    10. I just saw that my reaction had been deleted, but also that there had been a new reaction of Angell Studio in this thread, which had also been deleted. I think this went on accident, so I will post it again. (I wished them luch with everything)

      Thank you dear~n____n~soooo wonderful to find your kind words and wish in the early morning~it is raining here~#____#~and i am also late for the clock in~but fortunately~i have finished the all the work yesterday night~now my colleague is working on the last step of the annocuncement page~^^~we are very likely to make the announcement today~n___n~
      ooh~i also make a small change about the award for the winners~n__n~all of them will have the chance to ask for a limited doll head at the original price~hope you will like it~n__n~

      he pictures ain't showing :c
      But congrats to Bianca Castro! ^_^

      And it looks like every one who entered will be having 20% discount on their next order? ;D Yay!
    12. oooh~really sorry for teh trouble~X____x~i am not sure what is sure with our website~T___t~(sigh*)~you may find Bianca&#8216;'s works here~n__n~


      And for all the award winners~pls do contact us asap~n__n~ so the heads can be produced and shiped before our spring festival~n__n~