Skully , skeleton of 30 cm by Misterminoudoll

Nov 25, 2017

    1. This is my skeleton girl, Skully ! She is 30 cm . In normal skin and in grey resin.
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    2. I love the fleshy bits mixed in with the bone, it's a really unique look :aheartbea they're so strange yet so charming and adorable.
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    3. Thank you very much Oninochi . Your comment make me very happy <3
    4. She's weirdly cute - and very well made! I love all of the bone detailing. Would be tempted if you do another preorder one day, but cannot let myself buy another doll right now :(.
    5. Thank you very much Vanytie. But I think that I will not make an other preorder for Skully :(
      But I accept layaway for her.
    6. Awh, that's a shame - I really really have to be strict with myself at the moment, but I will follow your shop, as I love the style of your dolls!
    7. Oh wow, i love the way they look. Guess now i have +1 in my wishlist!
    8. I had the chance to play with two Skully, and they are really fun and poseable!

      Here are the pictures of the two I've painted for Mister Minou... I've been weak, I'm keeping the grey one for myself! But her cream sister will be up for adoption pretty soon, while the DollRDV in Paris next week. ^_^

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    9. Vanytie and NiceAliceChan, thank you so much. Darkdojy, thank you so much for your beautiful work on her <3 You are the best !
    10. I'm so sad I missed the preorder for this beautiful girl :...( I would give anything to have a normal skin skully, but my only change now is to snag one second hand. Fingers crossed!
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    11. Wow just had to stop in to say the sculpt on these was so gorgeous and creative. I'm sad they were limited.
    12. Just a head's up that misterminou posted on insta that there are six Skullys available right now, in case anyone was hoping to pick one up directly from the artist. :)
    13. Hi there!! Is she coming back into stock this year, and is there any way to keep up to date on when if so? Love her!!
    14. Your best bet is following misterminou on instagram :3nodding: And the answer to your question appears to be yes! It looks like she's up for pre-order from now until the 10th of the month. I hope everyone who wants her can get her! I have one in gray and she's a wonderful little doll. Mine's unpainted and I think I'll keep her that way for a bit longer yet; she's so expressive even without a faceup.
    15. There are two limited preorders available, one is running presently from 1st April to the 10th of April and the next one will be from 1st May to the 10th of May.

      I already own a grey skully (the grey one from the promo pictures as shown earlier in this thread) and I've put a second one in white on layaway today.

      Here is my current Skully, she's called Soma
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    16. Hi I was wondering are you selling any of this sculpt
    17. I immediately thought of ET when I saw her face