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Publication Sleeping Elf in Dolls House and Miniature Scene and tiny patterns

Jan 3, 2009

    1. Mods ,I didnt know if to put this in the News..(Im megga proud )
      or in the TINY section as the patterns relate to the smaller dolls
      I got my copy today of DollsHouse and Miniature Magazine with the Article in it about my Witley WoodElves and The SleepingElf ...
      How I discovered Ball Joint Dolls ...a little about what they are
      and how they changed my life

      I was thrilled to bits they have really done them ...and me proud
      The pictures look great ..and the Elves made the front cover
      I gave Den of Angels a great Plug ...after all its the place to go
      if you want to learn anything
      There is a sewing pattern ,by Louise Goldsborough that would fit the Elves and Banji (and Elf with a little alterations)

      Also there is a fantastic crochet dress pattern in the magazine .by Roz Walters .that will fit Moona /Mina ... if made a little longer and Elf dolls ..and Banji
      Me thinks cup of coffee ..feet up and try the crochet pattern
      I have been practicing over Christmas
      Its been a great start to 2009

    2. Ohhhh that's so exciting!! Congrats to you:cheer
      I used the link but couldn't see any of the magazine
      in detail (?) is there somewhere I can see your article?

      Well congrats again...a wonderful way to start the new year
    3. Congrats ! Does anyone know where to get this in the US ???