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Update Sleeping Elf News

Apr 28, 2011

    1. my husband was taken seriously ill 2nd April I havent left him untill he died Monday
      Im not working right now but
      If you have placed an order with me in February and March
      it will be delayed ...
      I have a lot done ..but just couldn't and wouldn't leave Pete

      I promise you though I will turn my attention as soon as my husbands funeral is over

      I have e.mails and Pms to answer but right now I have things I have to deal with
      please bear with me my customers and business is very important to me
      especially now

      again please excuse the delay Pete was ill with Cancer and when his brain tumour came up Christmas I have struggled to look after him and work
      but I had no idea it would take him so soon

      I promise though all orders placed will be sent just please give me a little time