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SLEEPINGELF,.tinybear wigs , new fullsets .Christmas Ordering

Oct 8, 2007

    1. :hollyberry
      2 more large Moona fullsets on Etsy (link in signature )
      Mina , BonBon and Coco ..all listed this weekend for Christmas delivery
      Playing with colour OOAK wigs listed this weekend:hollyberry


      PLEASE NOTE ....My last shipping is December the 10TH for delivery for Christmas

      this is for wigs and dolls ...

      I am still takeing orders over this weekend
      But if you want them for Christmas this is the last weekend you have to order :hollyberry
      please remember I am in the UK ..THEY HAVE TO BE SENT ON AND BEFORE 10th of December
      to get to you for Christmas..any orders taken I PROMISE to post by 10th :hollyberry
      Fully jointed ball joint tail

      Mina - human form $175.00 Natural and white in stock

      and $200 in tan and other resin colours
      also available to order with mermaid head


      more pictures


      [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] Natural with either Pink , blue or Green Tail
      White with either Blue , Pink or Green
      Tan with either Pink , green or blue tail
      Green with Blue Tail
      Blue with Green Tail
      Blue with white tail
      price $215.oo
      shipping ...Air Sure $17.99
      this is trackable and insured .
      and for countrys that AirSure will not deliver to , International Signed for , which is only trackable up untill they leave the Uk

      Please Note Uk , we not have Ems


      for more pictures of her and the coloured version check out my Flikr


      again thank you , all of my friends and supporters ,the Witley Wood Elves Send you their love :aheartbea
    2. Introducing Bracken the new boy from SleepingELF ...Tinybear

      he is in stock now available in white and normal resin


      he is aproximatly 6 inchs tall
      both Moona and Bracken are fantastic with Dollshouse miniatures

      price $175.
      face-up , eyes and wig shipping $17.00 Airsure or International signed for

      chat here

      more Moona here

      COloured resin $200. eyes and wig included
      $17.00 insured shipping
    3. Very cool. But what's the procedure for ordering him, please? :)
    4. [​IMG]

      PRE-ORDER from now untill May 16TH
      I will then send the orders into Dennis, I do have a few available colours in stock .

      dark tan is very difficult to produce , pre-order for this has closed
      I got double the number I needed ..there is an order for 20 going in ...I am ordering 4 for stock

      thank you so much again to everyone for their support

      Welcome to the Fantasy world of THE SLEEPING ELF LTD
      and the WITLEY WOOD ELVES


      ALL will come with Tinybear Wig , eyes and face-up

      (TinyBear wigs are available in all sizes for all of your dolly needs )

      COMMING IN 2008
      Larger Moona

      a tiny elfling ...and range of clothes available on Etsy

      Larger Moona will bea available soon


      Moona is my first tiny Elf ...made with the wonderful help of Dennis from Bobobie
      she is approximately 5.5 to 6 inch's tall
      perfect for all of those dolls house miniatures
      Available now is her friend Bracken the Elf boy
      and the Tubby Goddess! BonBon and Coco , who come is slightly larger at 6 inchs
      voluptuous ...and gorgeous ...like all of us larger ladies:aheartbea

      all come with random wigs and eyes
      optional wigs available to order at $15.00 each



      She is on my site ...and so will the Heidi Ott clothes I have in stock
      that fit her perfectly

      I also welcome links for other tiny seamstresses who can make for Moona
      so my Friends and fellow Moona addicts can buy for their demanding little ones

      Moona and Bracken chat:aheartbea

      as soon as I have more news I will add it here

      BonBon and Coco chat

      I would like to thank all of the Moona lovers who made this possible
      if you hadn't have fallen head over heals ...I could never have gone forward with my "tiny" dream.....livin the dream
    5. updated for new pre-order ...discussion threads links in first post
    6. Dennis has agreed to take an order for me for dark tan BonBon and Coco
      these are very limmited and I can only have a small number made

      anyone interested in the dark tan Coco or BonBon
      please contact me now

      they are slightly more expensive $220.00 plus shipping
      price includes face-up and eyes /wig
      ...opps sorry caps lock on
    8. I recieved the number we needed to fill the order
      plus a few more ...so I added a few more to the order ..there will be a few Dark Tan girls going into stock when I get them

      only a few more days for pre-order of any other colours
    9. the new large Moona is now for sale

      she is available by Pming me ...and will soon be on my Etsy and web site
    10. Will she be coming available in Dark tan, Green and blue (or purple). Thoes are the colors I love! Bracken is he being made larger too? she needs a side kick!
    11. I have them on my Flikr in Green and Blue

      I may do a Dark tan ...I have to order them in 10s for that ..If I got enough interest I might

      I will have to see how she is recieved ...I may do a boy
      but I have Mina being made ...then Coco and BonBon want their Sam :)

      so if I did it would be next year
    12. Oh wow, she's beautiful. Any news on the Dark Tan Cocos? I need to know if I can afford a Moona before I'll need to pay the second half of Coco or if I'm going to have to wait.
    13. Dennis did say they were going to start them , I would imagine , it will be July when the order is done

      the darker tan take longer to make as it takes longer to finnish them off :)
    14. Mina is now in stock
      the mermaid version is almost done and on its way home
    15. PLEASE if anyone had pre-ordered the Mermaid ...PLEASE CONTACT ME
      ...MY PC died a sudden death ...I was kinda expecting it and had most things backed up BUT
      the list of people who have reserved the mermaid

      PLEASE contact me ...she is due in anyday and would hate for any disapointements !
    16. Mina has arrived in all her multicolour resin glory
    17. new limmited Elves on my Etsy ..in time for Christmas delivery
      white and natural Mina in stock in stock for Christmas delivery
      BonBon and Coco also in stock in stock for Christmas delivery
      some others due to arrive for Dec 10th shipping