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Slender girls in the 23-33cm range?

May 6, 2007

    1. I'm looking for a doll that meets these requirements:

      ~ female, or a boy that could passably be dressed like a girl.
      ~ in the range of 23-33cm or thereabouts.
      ~ not a toddler/ kindergartener So not yo-style, ch ai style, etc.
      ~ not 1/6 scale mature; not looking for an adult head. (not mini-gem, etc)

      I'd like a doll in that size range, but with more of a pre-teen girlish body. Maybe 10-15 years old. Small breasts would be ok, but I am looking for a slightly chunkier, less curvy body than 1/6. Fitting into Blythe dresses would be a big plus.

      Does anything at all exist in that scale?
    2. Erm.. I think the OrientDoll Joongs would be great?


      They're actually 20cm, but very slender. I'm pretty sure they fit into Blythe dresses, as well as many other things. Very tender, with a pre-teen appearance ^^

      Also very easy to make them look mature with face-ups. I'm hoping to get a Joong Wol soon.

      Good luck ^^
    3. Mhhh
      thats just the size , Im playing with at this momment
      I want a a more stylised smaller doll with a body like that, so I can use Sugar Mag clothes ..I dont like fashion dolls ...or the Soom /Souldoll type either
      I cant find anything as yet ...so Im wondering about doing my own ...but its only in the sketch stage :sweat

      I LOVE SUGAR MAG! ,I would like a BJD similar body size to Blythe

      but at the momment ..Joongs are the closest too it so far available now ...

      Lucy although I adore her , some of the Sugar Mag is too large on her
      but I dont know of anything else yet

      Moon is looking at me in my Avatar
      she is very similar to that ...but still maybe a little childlike and not all Blythe things fit ..Well the T.shirts are OK
      skirts ...trousers ...no
    4. I second the Joong suggestion. I've played with my friend's joong, and she looks very good in Blythe clothes.

      If you pad her chest *ahem* you might make her look more mature. ^_^;;;
    5. Not exactly sure what you are looking for.

      Preteen shape is not very common in tinies that size. In smaller (5-6 inches) we have Banji who has a child body but can pull off a preteen look, and the smaller-busted Elfdoll tinies (limited). But in the larger sizes a non-smature doll that is still slim and has a waist and small breasts is rare.

      These are the slimmest ones I can think of...

      At 19cm there is Roxy Lucy.

      21cm - Cherishdoll is younger than preteen but not too chubby.

      25cm - Dollshe Ru and Moon with big heads and slim bodies.

      At 25/27cm there are the pretty rare Unoa Light (aka Unola) Fluorite and Azurite - I would call them preteen or young teen.

      There are also a bunch of slim matures in this range (see below).

      28cm - Domadoll Kkotmu and Jado non-centaur look close to preteen (I think) but not real slim.

      At 30cm - the Unidoll tinies are pretty slim for larger tinies.

      AT 31cm - brand new - Secretdoll Binu - slim and preteen

      33cm - Minoruworld briefly sold a very limited 33cm doll called Jr. Leila but I don;t remember what her body shape was. She was only referenced in a note about the special sale.

      This is my mockup of the various 1/6 BJD's (25cm to 30cm) - you can see Limhwa ToYou was closest to preteen (she is not longer made but the company plans to offer some kind of VERY limited dark tan dolls that may be similar). Roxy Becy in this photo is discontinued and has been replaced by Pandora who is different - look for her elsewhere on the board.
      Vintage Barbie, Limhwa ToYou, Roxy Becy, Souldoll Metel, Soom Uyoo

      The 25cm Pandoras are here (different ones each place):

      And this is my favorite Pandora:

      And this is my tiny size chart:

      And here are are bunch of body measurements I collected for various small preteen and mature commercial dolls incluidng Blythe:

    6. Thanks everyone for the recommendations, you've given me lots to look up! A friend had also given me a link to the Minoruworld girl and I think she is beautiful, but I'll have to wait until the regular edition comes out. Actually I hope they offer other dolls in that size, I'd love it if they did one with half-closed eyes like BF Kyle or Jimmy.

      I know. >_< I guess I just want a doll of a school-aged girl in that size, pretty but not sexy. Not toddler proportions with a big head-to-body ratio (if realistic), but not elongated model proportions either. I don't understand why there aren't more dolls in this category.

      The FreeSpiritz dolls are really pretty, the older one seems to have a Mona Lisa smile. I can imagine a lot of different faceup styles on her.

      20cm seems a bit small, but I will have a look at the orientdolls and roxy Lucy. And I will look through the others... *goes off to look up doll links*
    7. Just to let you know, I don't think the smaller Domadolls are made any longer. I posted a request on Domadoll's site for a Kkotmu and got a reply she was no longer available. :( They are still not marked as sold out on their own site, but on Luts' they are.
    8. I forgot to list Elfdoll Hana Angel or Devil at 20cm - they were recently discontinued but you might find one somewhere. They were slim and close to preteen.

    9. I'd definitly reccomend Dollshe's Ru, she looks like a leggy 10-12 year old :) She is spunky and a good size for a little pre-teen.

      She is totally flatchested, and fits some Barbie clothes, if that gives you an idea of her size. She is about 25 cm tall heightwise. Her shoe size is weird, she does fit Leeke shoes, but those are a litttttle big for her, but socks fix that.

      (NAKIE!) pics of Ru for reference: http://www.geocities.com/the_fider/Dolls_Ru_Homecoming7.JPG
    10. how about sleetwealth briar?
    11. Sleetwealth Briar is 38cm, which is why I didn't mention her.
    12. Wow,I was searching for a small girl too,nice to see so many dolls,I have to stay tuned here.
    13. Unidoll tinies are almost 30cm but have long, slender bodies. They do have proportionally large heads and hands however.

      Here's a very quick comparison shot of my LittleFee Flora with my Cupi Elf. Please excuse Cupi's trailing threads and pins - she's borrowed a dress I started making for the LittleFee (I should have pulled it down too). As you can see, they are similar in width but Cupi is much taller.

    14. The 30cm Serendipity Freyr sounds about right; I don't believe they have been re-cast as other Serendipity dolls have been (a company has picked up the dolls rights legally, but I forget who.:sweat)
      (Edit: Doll & Doll http://dollndoll.com/index.php & they are not selling the 30cm doll; the 43cm body is very similar, if you'd like to check the posing, etc.)

      Mine looks much older than the other dolls his height. But still a pouty kid.

      If you can find one on the secondary market, she might be ideal.

      Ann in CT
      and Hieronymus, Serendipity Lovely Freyr boy-type