Slender mini ballet flats?

Nov 14, 2007

    1. I've been looking for, well, years, actually, and have yet to find a nice pair of ballet flats that would fit the Narae/Unoa foot. Has anyone found something similar?
    2. We (my company Boneka) plan to start producing some. So any ideas on shoes , styles, colors, decorations and trims (like bows or buckles) would be appreciated. This comes from my desire to have flats for my Narae!!!
    3. Although many are plastic, people have used flats made for Cissy dolls,

      Someone also said some American Model shoes work.

      Tod (member tkdesigns) said he has a large Cissy collection and Narae uses his factory and custom shoes for Cissy.

      And I think some people think these work but I have not found a photo of them on a Narae:

      This stuff is all from the Narae Discussion Thread - if you go to the thread and then use Search This Thread to search for:

      cissy or pumps or ballet

      (like that with the or's)

      you'll get a list of messages with matches.

      You could also try searching in the Narae clothes thread. I know I have seen more pumps in the threads.

      And I could not get my Narae's foot into the Teen Trends shoes I had, though I have seen others use them (mostly the sandals).

    4. Carolyn: Thanks, I had seen those - but those are pumps and I really wanted a flat. I'm picky, I know!

      Lindsay - oh, those are perfect! I'll keep my eyes open on Ebay, thanks for the tip. :)

      kayotic: Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)
    5. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I found them. :) They're from the "Night Out" outfit set for Courtney.

      Thanks again!
    6. Also, check Ebay for keychains.
      I got these...
      I had to add the ribbons myself(too wide, i have a thinner version now)
      They are available in several colors as well. I think the sellers name was Dance2you or something like that...
    7. Eeek! Those ballet slippers are great! Would you mind measuring them?

      I need some 65 cm shoes for my MSD AOD girl!
    8. yeah i bought balley shoes as keychains in a specialized ballet store and they perfectly fit my MNF girl . (paid $5 CAN for each shoe)

      mine are just like Mia K's ones
    9. Oops! Yes, I did mean 65 mm. After checking again, my girl has 5.8 cm feet.
      The amount between 5.5 and 5.8 cm does'nt seem like it would make much of a difference, but in BJD shoes I guess it does.

      Thanks for the clarification!
    10. Is the shoe that is most looked for a Ballet flat (everyday shoes) that we are certainly going to start production for the Narae sized foot - fitted that is.

      Or should we also look into making "real" ballet slippers?? I will post a picture when I find the sample we made once (not for a BJD).

    11. Are the Unoa and the Narae feet the same. The same slim size? I do wish that I could afford more BJD dolls - then I would not have to ask all these silly questions!!

    12. According to Mercy's Unoa FAQ, they are 2" (5 cm) which is 5mm smaller than Narae.


    13. While I personally would like a pair of real ballet slippers, ribbons and all, I would guess that the most popular of the two would be the ballet-style shoes, like on the Unoa pictured above. I'd buy those too!

      For comparison's sake, my Minifee's feet are around 6.5 cm.

    14. Update on this - they're HUGE. So...oh well... I have 4 pair! :doh Maybe they'll fit the dollmore model girls. Maybe. :|
    15. The seller is Dance4you; I can confirm that they fit CP Minifee, Dollzone 1/4 minis, CP Kid Delf (though a bit tight across the width) and Liebchen - the drawstring can be tightened for a better fit on the smaller dolls such as Liebchen, which have 5cm feet. They are actual pointe shoes, but I suspect Minifees are the only minis whose feet have enough movement to actually go properly en pointe.

    16. Is Dance4you their Ebay seller ID or the name of their shop? It doesn't come up on Ebay as a seller.