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Slinky Neko Junior Discussion

May 19, 2011

    1. Hello everyone!
      As far as I noticed there was not a thread to discuss Slinky Neko mini-sized dolls in, so I decided to create one.
      Feel free to introduce yourself, discuss these lovely dolls, and post pictures of your own Junior Haroo or Borry if you have one!


      Size info:
      Height: 42cm
      Head Size: 7.5"
      Eye Size: 14-16mm (comes with 14mm)
      Width of Shoulders: 8cm
      Circumference of Chest: 16.5cm
      Circumference of Neck: 7cm
      Length of Arm: 12cm
      Length of Leg: 22.5cm
      Circumference of Waist: 14cm
      Circumference of Hips: 19cm
      Length of Foot: 6cm
    2. This is my SN Junior Borry, Nora. We had a bit of trouble bonding at first, but I think she fits right in at home now. :)
      I haven't made her much proper clothing yet, but at least she has her chair...
      If you have any other questions about the sculpt feel free to ask me. I will try my best to answer.
    3. I've always loved Slinky Neko!

      Thank you, SporeXP for posting your girl. Do you happen to have any pics of her with other minis or tinies?
    4. I've got her with my Lati Green girl :)

      I just got the e-mail today for SN's May limited. One of the lucky 10 purchasers of the limited baby Borry will 'find' her older sister (a Junior Borry) when thy receive their doll. I think this is a super cool promotion, the person who ends up with both girls is going to be super lucky!
    5. Awesome pics of your Borry! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

      It looks like she poses nicely. What's your opinion of her posing capabilities?
      I'm guessing you ordered directly from SN: what are they like to order from?

      And the question I'm dying to know the answer to: did SN say when are they supposed to be running the special May event that you mentioned?? :D Thanks in advance :)
    6. I love this thread! I plan on getting a Jr Slinky Neko as my next doll (saving up now), and I haven't found much discussion or photos of them. I think I will be getting a Harroo, but SporeXP's Borry is adorable, so I may be in trouble!! I will be keeping a close watch on this thread, and am also interested in how they pose and how they fit in regular mini-sized clothes (they look very slim). ;-)
    7. I'm sorry I took a bit to respond!
      I'll post a link to a picture of her body for you, so you can see her joints. I don't have too much experience with BJDs but she is single jointed, and with some sueding (which I have not gotten around to doing) her arms should pose nicely. (I am keeping the images as links so that I don't have to reduce them and you can see up close)
      As you can see in the picture, her arms are somewhat uneven when straight:
      but I guess this is the way the mold is supposed to be, according to SN (I asked on the message board).
      Her legs are very sturdy, and she stands well. Her knees really have only 2 positions - straight or bent, but she has nice grooves in the back of the knee to keep them in place for sitting or kneeling:
      I will be honest, when I first got her I was very disappointed with her body/posability, as I had ever only been in contact with double-jointed dolls, but I have gotten used to her <3
      I did order directly from SN. I had a few questions before I ordered and they were happy to answer them. They sent out my doll with face-up within the 30 day period that they promised and she was well packaged. :) They were quite easy to deal with, which I think is a benefit of ordering from a smaller company.
      Finally, the May event dolls will be sold from May 24 at 11am Korean time. Here is a link to the little photo story that came along with the e-mail:
      I am sure more information will show up shortly on the site, but if you want me to forward you the e-mail with all the information, feel free to PM me your e-mail address. :)
      I hope that addresses everything for you, if you need any more clarifications let me know!
    8. Aww thanks for the compliment! I feel like she is pretty slim, but I am sorry that I have not seen any other MSD sized BJDs in person to really compare. When I got her I couldn't believe that her legs were so long! I love her curvy hips and flat chest lol
      I hope you do decide to order one of these girls, I will be happy to see photos if you do! My buy was kind of an impulse, I really didn't know much about this company and I couldn't find much information, so I am hoping that this thread will help with that, so others won't have to go in as blind as I did!
    9. Great to see your photos, SporeXP!

      Do you have any other MSDs to stand her with for size comparison?
    10. SporeXP, thanks so much for the additional photos, they are a great help. Since I do very little "extreme posing" for photos, etc., I don't demand a whole lot, but I do need my dolls to hold a simple pose and to sit straight. I have a Hypermaniac girl that I love, but she can't sit straight to save her life, and it really frustrates me no end. Thanks to your photos, it looks like your Borry can manage pretty much all I need. The other thing I am picky about is hands, (don't like them to be too chunky or in unnatural positions) and it looks like the hands on Borry are graceful and expressive). You're a doll!
    11. I don't, she is my only MSD :(
      But if I do meet up with others I will be sure to post.
    12. Ahh, no problem, I mostly just have my girls sitting or standing so I know what you mean. SN Junior hands are really pretty! I can't wait to paint Nora's nails :) You probably already got what you needed, but for the sake of being thorough (and because I have nothing better to do and I enjoy spamming photos of my dolls), here are some hand close-ups!
    13. SporeXP, I think the curve of her arms are very pretty and graceful, definitely meant to be!

      If I didn't already own a Borry I'd buy one just to try for the Junior Borry! Slinky Neko is one of the nicest BJD companies I've ever ordered from. Communication is good, they're fast to ship and even their Limited dolls ship within a month, basics can be within a week as they generally only sell what they have in stock.
    14. SporeXP, Thanks for the extra shots of the hands -- they are lovely. I must learn how to do a manicure, too, as I have several girls who could use one. Tackling those tiny fingernails with my shaky hands is scary, though! You are making it hard to wait until I can order mine!
    15. Lol scary indeed! Getting dolly manicure supplies is up on my to-do list, but I will be afraid when I actually do it.
      Aww I am secretly glad to hear that I am making it hard for you to wait... I need more spam of these girls, and others to join me on the dark side... XD
    16. Today's spammage:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    17. Yesterday arrived my second MSD - Slinky Neko Jr. Haroo ltd. edition.
      She is very graceful. She is red hair and freckles. Her name is Girasol (translated from Italian "sunflower") =)


    18. Wow, congratulations! She is so beautiful, and your photos are just perfect! I adore her red hair and faceup. Her outfit is gorgeous too, and I really like your set. Actually I just love everything about that girl and your photos of her!
    19. thanks))) It is really amazing. A Slinkyneko I loved, because they have beautiful dolls, wonderful service, the doll was sent the next day after payment. And painted freckles on my request)
    20. You are lucky to have such a cute, unique girl! I adore dolls with freckles.