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Slouchy mini?

Nov 27, 2008

    1. I'm not sure that's the best title for what I mean but here I go. I've been in love with minis since I started looking at BJD. Recently, my mom got a Narsha and a bit before that, I handled Fereshteh's Yo-SD

      Those two dolls have the ability of looking very relaxed, I'm not sure if its because of their jointing system. And when I compare, my Soulkid Yewon just look so.... stiff. I like her body, but she looks like she can't relax, ever. her torso joint can barely move while Narsha could bend in any direction.

      What I'm looking for is "Are there any mini body that have this slouchiness?"
    2. Hmmm... maybe it could have to do with the stringing tension, maybe?

      And you know Fereshteh in person?! I LOVE her! :D
    3. I have a Soul-sweet and he can't slouch either. He's been loosened a lot, it's just the way the joints are, I think. ._.' Assuming they're the same. Try turning the top part slightly to the left or right, then trying to get her to slouch? It works a little bit for me.

      Of all the minis I've seen IRL, my Kid Dollmore has the best torso movement. I love it.
    4. If I remember correctly, my friend's Dollmore U-Jee is pretty slouchy. He's a cutie!
    5. I seem to remember that Kid Delfs have the notch that allow them to slouch : D
    6. Doll Zone's MSD's can slouch, in fact I can't get my Rosalynn to sit with out making her slouch, if I keep her back straight she falls over (she's strung too tight right now, I'm gonna fix it one of these days)
    7. A lot of it has to do with stringing. I have two Bluefairy Tiny Fairy boys so they have identical bodies. My Niky is strung tightly and has much better posture than my extremely loosely strung May boy who flops and slouches all over the place.
    8. I know sometime the stiffness comes from the stringing, but even completely unstringed, the soulkid body just can't move more than it does now. and it's interesting you say that Glace Leau, maybe it's just the way souldoll's sculptor sculpt the joint. (and it's not a size matter! Iwas starting to link that to size). I'll start looking at picture of the body you mentionned to see their slouchy potential. I'm not looking to replace Delphine's body, I guess it's just something that I wanted to know. is it the more child like sculpt or something else? The body you named aren't that similar, so it must be something else!
    9. I have a Dollmore kid and she slouchies easily. Looking at other owner pics it looks like most (if not all?) slouch. If you want a more mature msd size doll that can do various poses you might want to look into FairyLand's Minifee active lines, the promo pics for those are amazing ^_^ Good luck :)
    10. Fairyland minifee active line bodies are amazing at posing; they can lay on their stomachs with chins propped in their hands, or sit crosslegged, and they're amazing at slouching, as well. Their jointing is just incredible. I highly recommend.
    11. Narae has a very cute and natural slouching sitting position. the MNF A-line doesn't slouch forward as much as Narae, but MNFs are still super posable.
    12. Oh thank you! That made me blush! :blush

      I love the Supia mini dolls in terms of flexibility. They looks VERY poseable, and Yisol is just so cute, it kills me. I love how asian she looks.

      Edit: I hadn't thought of the Minifee active line... Their flexibility looks amazing!
    13. Souldoll Kids are stiff.....I have 2 with the older bodies and the new ones are better from wht the forums say....but it is a Soulkid problem :( But that is their only problem, in my humble opinion :)

      And as for the Supia and N-Dolls, I have those and they are perfect in terms of poseablitlity....
    14. Thanks for your input everyone ^.^ I wouldn't have tought the supia to be very poseable, but it's nice to know it is.