Small BJDs with mature faces/bodies?

Jan 15, 2020

    1. Hi there!

      Still new here, and though I don't have my first BJD yet, I admire from afar as I slowly save up. I have a minifee sized BJD in mind, but am also considering getting an even smaller one.

      My problem is, being so new to the hobby I haven't been exposed to an enormous amount of companies or sculpts. I have seen that with all smaller BJDs I've come across so far, they have a chubby childlike face. I am hoping there are companies with small in size but adult in sculpt BJDs I can consider. I am thinking between 7 to 12 inches? Is that a thing? What terminology would I search for? Halpp lol
    2. So first you'll want to search using centimeters. Inches arent much used in this hobby. The size youre talking about though would be called "tiny" usually, and specifically "mature tiny." There are a couple threads such as this one discussing mature tiny options you'll want to check out :)
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    3. Oh thank you. Okay I'm going to have to learn conversion or google the inch to cm amounts often with the hobby!
    4. The 1/6 mature thread has a lot of good examples. It can be confusing because height and other measurements are always in cm, but the wig sizes are often in inches. I don't get that.
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    5. I think Realfee dolls look a bit more mature than the LaTi Yellow and Pukufee sculpts, more like tween/teenage dolls