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Small, but not infantile?

Feb 3, 2009

    1. Can anyone recommend a MSD body that has the more mature look of a SD? I seem to be having trouble finding a MSDs, paticularly female ones, that dont have a younger look to their builds, in comparison to their 60cm kin.:(

      Does anyone have any advice or recommendations?
    2. You might try Unoas, or Naraes. They look very mature. Some MNFs can look very mature as well. Particularily you might look at Lishe or the new Rheia.
    3. Latidoll Blue Line has a more mature body, Blue Fairy offers the "blossom" and "full blossom" bodies for their girl which are more mature than their standard body, Volks has Super Dollfie Cute, and Iplehouse has a fairly mature body as well... but if I recall correctly their girls are kind of a funny size are are hard to clothe.

      Basically what you are looking for are "slim minis"- I don't go for that type myself so I'm sure I'm missing a lot from my list, but hopefully it'll give you a start on where to look (as well as the previously mentioned Unoa, Narae, and MNF, which are the most well known lines of slim minis).
    4. Iplehouse and even AoD offer mature-featured girl bodies.
    5. MNF bodies are INCREDIBLY mature. Their moulds can look mature as well, but if body is what you're focused on, I highly recommend you take a look at the MNF. There is NO mistaking the female MNF body for a child, and the A-line male is the same way. Skwerlie is right, look for "slim mini" and chances are good they'll be mature. :) Good luck!
    6. Or Samantha Herren! (Thinking of the Sleetwealth Briar reminded me of her. XD) She's pretty expensive at this point, but her body is EXTREMELY mature. ^_^ No kid there, I assure you. Bottom line: You have a lot of options. :lol:
    7. I've seen way more mature female MSD size dolls than childlike ones, personally. The boys are the ones I find often have more childlike (or less developed, at least) bodies. With Minifees even the "small bust" option is pretty mature. Keep looking for "slim minis" and you'll be overwhelmed with choices.
    8. Can you also recommend "mature" heads for MSD? I really love faces like Hazy by Elfdoll, or Yeriel by Buddy-doll (both SD sizes). They are sculpted in a way that is more realistic, i.e. proportional. I would love that look in a smaller package!
    9. Soulkid double bodies are very mature, and look great with Minifee heads, Minifee bodies are mature. Narae while having small breasts are mature and you can get different faceplates.
      Dollmore Fashiondoll Misia,Sara etc are 16" are off topic here, but I love mine.
    10. If you want mature MSD heads... Again, Unoa, Narin/Narae (<--- Probably your best bet if you like the more Asian features of Buddydoll and Elfdoll.) and Lati Blue boys (Not sure about the girls... they're more stylized again) have mature faces... I think AoD look pretty mature, too, though they still have big eyes.

      And personally, MNF's are very stylized. I guess they can look mature for the style, but I've seen plenty of MNF's as children and it works just fine. Additionally, they've got a head-to-body ratio of a young child, which sometimes makes them look younger.
    11. When it comes to bodies I have to say that I love my DollZone girl. She's in the less expensive end of minis but poses very well. I think her face looks quite mature too - even though I don't think I would have bought her today. But I still love her so much.

    12. the angel of dream dolls are very grown up