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Small dolls supporting BIG wigs!?

Jul 16, 2008

    1. Does anyone know whether a doll from LEEKEWORLD Mabel would be able to support a wig like this?


      I bought it as a limited from Leeke, but now i have it i'm worried about my doll choices and whether buying a doll such as mabel will affect the elegant look i am going for, as i'm not sure she will be able to support it... ?
      The thing is, is that this all depends on what doll i buy, i'm teetering between Mabel and Lati's Yern ;)
      Does anyone else have this issue, not nessecarily concerning wigs though...?:?
    2. ??? Opinions ???
    3. I think maybe people are a little unsure of exactly what you are asking.

      Are you asking if this particular wig will fit the size doll you have in mind?

      Or, are you asking if her facial sculpt and face-up will be suited for the elegant look you are trying to achieve with that particular style wig?
    4. I've seen a Mabel in real life (they're so adorable, and photograph really well), I think she will be able to support the wig, she has such a lovely soft look about her ^^ but just remember to wig oil it or else it will get frizzy XD;;
    5. i love this wig and I would have bought it for my girls but I'm unsure how it it would look on a smaller doll because of the wig size. I didn't want my girls wearing curls the size of hula hoops!
    6. Here's a leeke wig that's similar on my Yisol. It's pretty large:
      [​IMG] and something with the heavy bangs from Leeke on Narae:[​IMG] **click little for large**
    7. I think i'm meaning the second option... I'm guess i'm trying to see if her small scult would make the wig look stupid and out-of-place on her.. :sweat...

      But wow, that is a really beautiful wig, but even still, mabel is apparently a very small doll and her features seem quite different to alot of other 40cm dolls.. i guess. But i think i might have to stick with LaTi's yern for now,

      it's just so hard! because i'm choosing my first two dolls to buy and i just want to make sure their the right one's as i'm sure some of you may've had the dilema before.. ;)
    8. Mabel has quite large head, especially when compare with Yern. In the point of size, your wig will suit Mabel more than Yern (if I understand right, you bought the wig from Leeke?). In style I'm not sure. I think both of them can match with the wig well, but Yern has a bit more adult looking than Mabel.

      Oh! and a little more, since I have Mabel and I've taken her to a meeting, she is NOT smaller than the normal MSD sized dolls at all. Her head is quite larger than other company dolls (Lati, DOD, Blue fairy). In my opinion her features is very much alike to Volks MSD or Kid Delf. Most of MSD items suit her well while I've heard a Yern owner said that most of MSD items are loose on her, some of the Narae sized items suit her better.
    9. Wow, really? thats cool :) thanks alot for your help, it's quite hard to tell these things with different site and all..

      Much love MA xo