"Small-headed" SD

Aug 13, 2019

    1. I'm making this list because I prefer my SD to have heads on the smaller side and would like a place to have a solid list. I don't have a great amount of pre-existing knowledge on them so the list will start out small, but I'll keep adding to it as I come across more sculpts.

      The dolls will be ordered in accordance to their height, with taller dolls near the bottom. I'm arbitrarily ruling the maximum size of the heads included to be 20cm or under for now.

      Height - Sculpt + link (head circumference)

      51cm Souldoll Vito female (need to confirm measurement)
      52cm Souldoll Vito male (need to confirm measurement)
      52cm Zaoll (Various, 19.4)
      52.5 DollsTown Elf (Various, 19.4)
      54cm Merry Doll Round Juvenile (Zuri 19.5)
      57/58cm Argodoll Nelei (19) (plus size is shorter)
      57.5 Lillycat Ellana/Lyse/Ninon Plum (need to confirm measurement)
      58cm Argodoll Feret (19)
      58cm Dollzone April (18.3)
      58cm Dollzone Cynthia (18.3)
      60cm Doll Chateau Youth, various (most if not all) (18.4)
      60cm Supia Lina (19.75) (Tan version)
      62cm Granado High God Myo Am (20)
      62cm Granado Princess Myo En / Myo Am (20)
      62cm Granado Venus (20)
      63cm Rainmanking heads, various (need to confirm measurement)
      64cm Fantasia Doll Vivian (need to confirm measurement)
      65cm Dollshe Ausley Love (need to confirm measurement on this and other Dollshe)
      66cm Argodoll Laertes (19)
      66.5 Granado Uranus (20)
      70-74cm Doll Chateau Adult, various (most if not all)
      70cm Granado Captain Neptune (20)
      70cm Granado Uranus (20) (also Uranus.Evo)
      70cm Granado Michael (20)
      70cm Granado Jupiter (20)
      70cm Granado Neptune (20)
      70cm Granado Mars (20)
      70cm Granado Pluto (20)
      70cm Granado V-07 (20)
      70cm Granado V-08 (20)
      70.5cm Ringdoll Grown (20)

      Heads only (not sold with body)
      BlackCherryDolls Aisha (need to confirm measurement)
      Phoenix Dolls (Various) (need to confirm measurement)

      Companies to look into later:
      Immortality of Soul: listed at 8 inches, but that is over 20cm
      Souldoll (especially the female sculpts): listed at rouhgly 8 inches, but that is over 20cm
      Supiadoll : Lina confirmed, but need more info on other sculpts
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    2. Dollzone girls April and Cynthia. Also a lot of, if not all, Doll Chateau BJDs have small heads.
    3. Along the lines of Zaoll, 7/8 head: DollsTown Elf (Various, 52.5cm head + body)
    4. Blackcherrydolls have smaller heads, too!
    5. Merrydollround Zuri! I assume maybe some of the other merrydollrounds as well but I’ve only owned Zuri who has a 19.5 cm head.
    6. Resinsoul's newest msd girl Shi has a head of 19cm. I had emailed Sun and asked. I have a picture of it compared to Mei's head (provided by Sun)and you can definitely see the difference. You could order the head separately.
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    7. Lillycat's "SD" girls (Ellana, Lyse, Ninon Plum) have small heads (7/8 wig size).
    8. Thank you! I've added them to the list now, though I'll need to go through the sculpts in more detail later on to make a comprehensive list.
      Yes! I actually have an elf from them but wasn't quuite sure the head was under 20cm. Thank you for reminding me!
      Thank you - I've added a new category for heads that aren't sold with bodies, since I totally blanked out on them before.
      Thank you! The measurement confirmation is also very useful information.
      I'm looking at making a list of SD heads only at the moment, so unfortunately Shi doesn't fit. Hybriding her to an SD body would require extensive modification and adding every msd head under 20cm would bloat this list into a much longer one indeed.
      Thank you! I'll need to look into them further, as at least Lyse seems to cross my arbitrary 20cm line. Not by much, though.
    9. The newer (not elfdoll) Rainman girls all have really small heads,

      I also think Granado male dolls have small heads too, I was surprised when I got Enoch's head, he was very different from the Iplehouse dolls I have, the head is tiny.
    10. Phoenix Doll heads average about 8 inches, and are designed for 62-65cm female bodies (although the company also shows their heads on a DT 18 girl body). Original version of Dollshe Ausley Love also has a small head (about 7.5 inches). Ausley is a 63cm female doll.
    11. Thank you for the tip! I'll need to look into the Rainman dolls further, as then site doesn't seem to offer measurements for them. I've added them to the list as a thing to check. The Granado dolls seem to be a mixed bag, with some measured at 20cm and some at 21cm. I'll go through them and list the ones that fit. Thank you for letting me know! I'd have assumed their heads to be 21-22 at least :0
      I added the Phoenix dolls to the list, though need to confirm their cm measurements at some point. I don't understand why, but they aren't said on the site for some reason. I've also added Ausley for now, but they have the same problem : /
    12. Just input the measurements I gave you in inches into an online converter site that gives metric measurements and that should give you the approximate cm you need.
    13. Aria from IOS has a tiny little skull, I think it's 20cm. Some of Souldoll's large girls have tiny little brain cases as well, not sure if they are all small?
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    14. I can't speak for all of Angelsdoll heads, but their Lucia sculpt is listed as being 20.5cm (although it appears to be closer to 20cm based on my own measurements. Also, I believe a lot of Immortality of Souls 60 and 70cm heads are on the smaller side, and Supia girls also are on the smaller side (or at least Lina is, with a 19.75cm head circumference). They don't list the exact measurement for their sculpt on the Supia site, so it might require some research on other resources.
    15. Is this list meant to document realistic-proportioned dolls? Or just dolls with unusually small heads? :) Just curious!
    16. Only some Souldoll Zenith heads seem to be currently listed on the official site at ’about 20cm’, so that's specifically: H.C Delmia, Stella, Gwen, Jan, Achille Debussy. I know several of the oldest d/c’d sculpts aren’t listed anymore. Some of them will likely also be in the smaller range you want to list.

      Zeniths with no listed head measurement could go either way, probably should be checked. These were Kalo, Daina-vampire, Swinte (listed as 8-9 wig though), Isabel- Vampire + Human, Bella, Elluarse, Tarot 11. Justice - Justitia, Tarot card 10.Wheel of Fortune Arno, HAE-BIN, SeoJin, Vasilla, Gavin, Eve, Lail, Colin, HwaYeon, HwaRan, Ye-Gun, Evelyn, Uha, RyuCine, KAGEL, Lenore, Lime, Aveline, Monique, Paratiisi, Ian, Abigail, Crichton, Lionel-vers.1-2, Bertrand, Madalyn, Shiva-G, *Chantal (Shiva-Human ver.2)(listed as 8-9 wig though), Chantal (Shiva-Human ver.1),

      Zeniths (most - but not all - listed as ’new’) with confirmed larger than 20cm company head measurements include Jina, J.Issac, Onulharu, KAGEL (vampire and human), HEWER, Chiron-Human+ Centaur, HA Do-Yoon, HAN Yeo-Reum, Phoenix, Levine, HaMin-vampire and human, Seo Jeong-U, SAE NU, Tarot card 18.The moon LEIRA, Tarot card - 1 Magician SYDEE, Tarot card 9.The hermit LEMKIN, Federer-Elf + Human, Roul,

      * I have Shiva(4 arm), Chantal (Shiva-Human ver.2) and Agnetha so I can get them out tomorrow to confirm measurements for them even though they are older and d/c. Their heads seemed smaller too? We will see. Overall, a fun bit of research on a line of dolls I think are often under-appreciated...but obviously I am biased! :wiggle
    17. Most of them are listed as having a wig size of 7-8 or 8, and 8 is already over my arbitrary limit of 20cm, and so needs to be checked in more detail. If something is listed as 7, I'll just convert it and call it fair enough, but I'd rather stick to the 20cm line for now, as that keeps the list more manageable. I'm not ruling off increasing the size later, though.
      The sites only lists the head as "8 inch" on IOS and varying in size on Souldoll, which would throw many of them over my arbitrary 20cm max. If you can confirm them to be smaller than that, I'd love to hear it! For now I've added a section of companies to look into and added both IOS and Souldoll to the list.
      It's that sneaky-sneaky .5cm : D I'll keep that in mind personally, but would prefer to keep the list as accurate as possible (at least for now, though I might increase the limit to 21cm later, when a lot of the 20cm and under heads are listed). It's easier to get the heads there a bit at a time. I've added IOS to the list of companies to be looked at in more detail later, as their site doesn't seem to tell the measurements in cm at all - and list the heads at 8 inches (which would be over the limit for now, if barely). I'll add the Lina specifically, and also add a note to look into Supia later.
      I guess if those are my options, I'd have to go with the "small heads" answer! I personally prefer my SD to have roughly similarly sized heads (as I feel that looks better in photography) regardless of they're supposed to be tall, lanky, muscular, short... etc. Some of those proportions end up being more realistic than others. I just like to have consistency where possible, as that can help tie different stylizations together. For example, my Doll Chateau Cyril is much more stylized than my Impldoll Tony or my modded Resinoul Long, but because of them having a similar head size and some interesting faceup work, they can still be photographed together fairly easily without one doll looking too-too strange, pin-headed or bobbleheaded in comparison. And despite the size difference, if I want to photograph my Fantasiadoll Vivian next to my Argonautica Nelei, it still works because their head sizes are similar. Vivian doesn't look "scaled up" or off-scale, she just looks like the proportionally amazonian woman she's supposed to.

      So I guess my longer answer would have to be: smaller headed dolls that would be more realistically proportioned for my personal needs because of the scale of their head, not because of their body proportions. But everyone else is perfectly allowed to use it for other things too, of course. I find that lists like these can be cool ways to get to know cool sculpts you may have not otherwise thought of/been aware of.
      Thank you! I've added this information to the Souldoll section of "companies to look into" for now, and will add them into the list as I find their more specific measurements. Souldolls are beautiful sculpts, and I've been meaning to look into them more in the future anyway... so now I have an excuse! : D
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    18. @ronnie92 My crew is all medium to large size heads and we sold both the IOS Aria head and our Souldoll Karin because they looked pea-head small next to everyone else.
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    19. Small Headed Dolls
      Granado Embody and below sizes
      SouldDoll (very small relative to other dolls)
      Dollshe (have a large neck but a small head)
      IOSdoll 50cm
      Iplehouse SID

      Medium Headed Dolls
      xxdxs H2O
      Iplehouse EID HID
      Nabarro Sumner
      DFH Beilan

      Large Headed Dolls

      Dollstown (large in proportion to dolls heads of similar size; large in proportion to their bodies)
      Granado Titan
      OrDoll Anderl
      StineSculpture/Simply Divine
      Le Legende de Temps
      POPOdoll Ramiel
      Doll Family H Lou Yunci
      IOSdoll 80cm
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    20. If you're still interested in updating this, I can confirm the following:
      Phoenixdoll Android Mei - 19.7 cm
      Souldoll Double Stella - 19 cm
      Souldoll Double Maribell - 18.5 cm

      Edit: Also, looks like the 53cm Bimong Dandelion heads are 7.2"?
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