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Small or Short Boys - under 60cm

Jun 25, 2006

    1. I've seen the Nobility Lie (57cm) and he's absolutely gorgeous. I'm really interested in the shorter SD-sized boys, so I was wondering if there are any other boys out there who're around the 57cm range?
    2. Not sure on his exact height but Volks Magical Michael is shorter than all their other SD10 boys.
    3. elfdoll boys are supposedly a little short as well
    4. Thanks for the help <3 I'll go check 'em out.

      The site states that the height of the boys are 60cm, though I'm not sure if that's accurate ^^;
    5. yes i know it does. But ive heard from several people who have elfdoll boys that they're a tad smaller than other 60cm dolls like luts who are definitly 60cm
    6. The new Obitsu boy bodies are announced to come out at 55cm.
    7. Is that the body only, or is it 55cm including the head?
    8. Really? Does anyone have one to measure?

      I wanted a Short SD boy as well.....but a Volks one.
    9. i just measured my michael and got ROUGHLY 21 inches/ 53-54cm

      though it was just a quick and random measurment..so...i could be off just a tad >_>;
    10. I've held an Elfdoll Wu, and he's DEFINITELY shorter.
    11. Eep! That's just the sort of height I was looking for in a SD boy! <3 Would you happen to have any idea how tall a SD10 boy is supposed to be (since Michael is supposedly shorter)?
    12. *squees* X3

      Now I have to try and get a magical Michael body. Do you know of anyone who would trade for a SD13(shirou) boy body?
    13. I have a Magical Michael body.
      I have 3 Volks SD 10's.
      LE Michele on the Magical Michael body @ 55cm (approx - could even be 54)
      Two F-09 boys - both on LE Michele bodies - they are 57cm..
    14. angelregion's boys stand at 57cm as well. :)
    15. DollTi "D"

      I'm not sure about the new DollTi boys.

    16. Yes the DollTi boys - 'D', Woo Yan and Moo Yan are 57cm high (inc. head) but i think they are sold out now. You would have to check the website or eBay to see if any new boys are available.
    17. Not sure O_o But they list their girl body at 60cm, so I'm assuming it's the same with their boy. ^^;;
    18. Aaa, beware those old Shiro-bodies-- his knees are terrible! Even after sueding & restringing!

      I too have been toying with the idea of changing my Shiro's body for a DollTi, or similar not-quite-60cm bodies. But I like the Dolltis, because they're awesomely muscular, and sometimes your short-boy character is just short, not childish.

      My next question is: Has anybody ever PUT a Volks-60cm-boy head on one of these shorter bodies? Does it look too huge? I'm trying to picture a Shiro head on an SD10, and am imagining a lollipop with eyes.... a Shiro-Pullip, oh dear gawd no...
    19. Ahh....No, I think it will look fine. Shirou has a slightly smaller DD-sized head.

      (Is your Shiro's knees bad? Becuase mine can stand on his own with out too much trouble )
    20. My Ginza Michael was 58CM including the head ^^;;