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Small or Short girls - under 60cm

Sep 4, 2005

    1. I'm looking for a small 'big' doll. Something about 50cm would be great, I don't know if such a doll exist.
    2. As far as I know, the Customhouse full size girls are pretty short in comparison to most others, but still around 58cm. Bulk-wise, the CP dolls are more slender than the Volks dolls (very noticable, to me).

      But yeah, most of the big ones (excepting Hound & Bermann) are in the 58-62cm range for ease of swapping clothes and accessories.
    3. I would say CH Ai girls, too...Judy's Etsuko looks so fragile and petite next to her Chiwoo Yuito, she is a good deal shorter and her neck is actually slimmer than a Volks MSD.
    4. What about Angel Region? I don't know anything about their girls, but their boys are really tiny. 58cm and very slim. I don't think there's anything around 50cm though... I can't recall seeing anything under 55.
    5. Yeah the Angel Region boys are supposed to be about 58 cm. My Kai is in pieces right now so I can't measure. ^^;
    6. The only doll I know that's "around" 50cm is Customhouse's Junior Ai, which is 47cm. There is an unlimited doll, Irang, and also Sarang, which appears only to be available as LEs right now.

    7. Jr Ai has the good size but looks too young for being Bee-a big sister. Maybe a Ai could fit well (the girls are 55cm that's right ?).
    8. I have a dollstown Seol_a. She is 47cm. Her body is just fantastic, she is so posable. She can sit on her knees. She is "much more doll" than a MSD, but still smaller than a SD.
    9. Lovely Houses's are also very tiny and slender.
    10. AR Fair dolls are 58cm for the boys. My Kai is about the smallest big thing going judging by how all the stuff I buy him winds up being loosy goosy on him. I like the smaller "big" size though. He makes my Shiwoo elf seem unwieldy by comparison.

      Luv Kai!

      Romanesque_gothic, so glad to hear you have yours finally, even if he is in pieces. Were you one of the lucky ones to get a face-up?

      Runs off to start the "kai klub"...
    11. Souldoll girls are 55 cm. Or at least Clara is--I havn't looked into the others as extensively :grin:
    12. farin, as an owner of a seol_a, do you think that a soulkid head would fit well on her body? is she too big for that..? i'll pm you, i think, just to make sure you get this =x
    13. The Hypermaniac 7 year girls are 52cm. ^^ Rhea dolls are 53.
    14. I don't really have any vast knowledge about SD-sized girls, and I've been looking around for some that are under 60 cm.
      I'm wanting to buy a boy who is 60 cm, and then maybe a 70 cm boy. I'd like a girl eventually, too, and I want her to be significantly shorter than the boys, but not MSD sized.

      I would LOVE a girl in the 50-55 cm range. Are there any out there?
    15. My old-body CH Sia is 54cm without shoes or wig, according to my ruler. :daisy
    16. That sounds like I great size! I will look into the CH girls, thank you!
    17. Please note that's the OLD ch girls - the new ones are a little taller. :)

      I second Cynthia on the old-ch-girl thing-- I have two, and I just love how slender they are, and they are my little ballet dancer pixie girls. Much love for the CH old body girls!!
    18. I got elf Soph body for my Sooah head to make an adorably short oriental-looking girl.
      She is great!! Only... only... so hard to find clothes for that size... too big for MSD too small for SD. So, she is hip-hop style with everything baggy!!

      elf Soph = Dollstown (wonderful bodies)
      Sooah = Rainydoll
    19. Volks SD10 and Souldoll girls are both about 22 inches tall (which is about 55cm).