Small tips and tricks

Nov 20, 2020

    1. Sometimes small tips and tricks can be lifesaving.
      One of the latest I have found out and my favorite right now. Put small amount of eye putty in glue wig and it will stop falling.
      What tricks do you use?
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    2. I tend to put stuff into my dolls' heads. A small piece of magic eraser, piece of double sided tape, maybe a pair of extra hands or small accessories,... It depends a bit on the situation but when I go out with a doll or do a photo shoot it can save some space and it is super convenient.
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    3. when my doll broke a finger, i put a tiny band of jewelry wire around it, covers the seam where i had to glue it back on, and looks like a cute ring!
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    4. When a wig just won’t stay on, I put a ring of hot glue around the doll’s head, let it dry then use it as a stopper to keep the wig on.
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    5. On tiny dolls, you can use a wad of Macks earplugs (the clear kind, not the colored) on the top of the head, and press the wig down into that. Wig is still removable, but will stay in place. And the Macks is removable too, so you're not making any changes to the doll itself. On larger heads, a fat rubber band once or twice wound around the head works great to keep wigs in place.
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    6. I keep a pair of tweezers with my doll eyes so I can get my tinies heads back on easily if I switch their eyes. So much easier than trying to use my fingers.
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    7. For my male dolls who don't balance well on their own (or even if they do ordinarily, but I want to put them in tenuous poses), I like to buy boots and sneakers that are a size or two too large. You can't tell the difference visually, but it gives them a solid base that can make all the difference when you're taking photos and don't want to use a stand.
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    8. When restringing my DC Ada, I found that fishing line (instead of ribbon) is a lifesaver. Definitely recommend it for any tinies or smaller!
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    9. So many useful little tricks!
      I start putting eyes inside doll head after I have lost two pairs. But didn’t thought about so obvious to store another small items there too.

      Never heard about this earplugs. AsI understand from google search macks are soft like plasticine too. Is there big difference between eye putty and earplugs?
    10. @LicorneDream From what I understand, the default eye putty is literally poster tack. Or (rarely) polymer clay, which should be immediately removed and cleaned from the resin. Earplugs are silicone-based, but otherwise like the poster tack stuff.

      As for a small tip or trick, if pre-doll-purchase tips count: compare dolls between dealers. Some have massively better base prices, sales, or other deals. For example, Clover Singing sometimes has 40% off 2D Doll prices, in addition to a constant "free wig with doll" deal.
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