Small tips and tricks

Nov 20, 2020

    1. Sometimes small tips and tricks can be lifesaving.
      One of the latest I have found out and my favorite right now. Put small amount of eye putty in glue wig and it will stop falling.
      What tricks do you use?
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    2. I tend to put stuff into my dolls' heads. A small piece of magic eraser, piece of double sided tape, maybe a pair of extra hands or small accessories,... It depends a bit on the situation but when I go out with a doll or do a photo shoot it can save some space and it is super convenient.
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    3. when my doll broke a finger, i put a tiny band of jewelry wire around it, covers the seam where i had to glue it back on, and looks like a cute ring!
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    4. When a wig just won’t stay on, I put a ring of hot glue around the doll’s head, let it dry then use it as a stopper to keep the wig on.
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    5. On tiny dolls, you can use a wad of Macks earplugs (the clear kind, not the colored) on the top of the head, and press the wig down into that. Wig is still removable, but will stay in place. And the Macks is removable too, so you're not making any changes to the doll itself. On larger heads, a fat rubber band once or twice wound around the head works great to keep wigs in place.
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    6. I keep a pair of tweezers with my doll eyes so I can get my tinies heads back on easily if I switch their eyes. So much easier than trying to use my fingers.
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    7. For my male dolls who don't balance well on their own (or even if they do ordinarily, but I want to put them in tenuous poses), I like to buy boots and sneakers that are a size or two too large. You can't tell the difference visually, but it gives them a solid base that can make all the difference when you're taking photos and don't want to use a stand.
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    8. When restringing my DC Ada, I found that fishing line (instead of ribbon) is a lifesaver. Definitely recommend it for any tinies or smaller!
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    9. So many useful little tricks!
      I start putting eyes inside doll head after I have lost two pairs. But didn’t thought about so obvious to store another small items there too.

      Never heard about this earplugs. AsI understand from google search macks are soft like plasticine too. Is there big difference between eye putty and earplugs?
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    10. @LicorneDream From what I understand, the default eye putty is literally poster tack. Or (rarely) polymer clay, which should be immediately removed and cleaned from the resin. Earplugs are silicone-based, but otherwise like the poster tack stuff.

      As for a small tip or trick, if pre-doll-purchase tips count: compare dolls between dealers. Some have massively better base prices, sales, or other deals. For example, Clover Singing sometimes has 40% off 2D Doll prices, in addition to a constant "free wig with doll" deal.
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    11. Oh my gosh this is such a great idea! I'm currently restringing an Ada that I bought second hand and having a heck of a time with her...I'm actually thinking of resculpting the knee joints and casting new ones (since they're barely a few cm long). But I will definitely try the fishing line, as I have tons of it I already use for beading. Thanks for the tip!
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    12. My SD-13 girl can wear SD-16 heels with flat feets (and sometimes socks/tights). As there are more shoe choices that I like in SD-16 size, this has not been a boon to my wallet. XD

      A super soft toothbrush for human is a good brush for wigs.
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    13. Crochet hooks are a cheap and easy tool if you struggle with lifting/rotating S-hooks, especially the tiny ones. I was even able to use one to replace an S-hook with a Shapeways neck adapter for Feeple 60 heads without having to restring the body.
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    14. Clear plastic hair elastics make great wig stoppers.
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    15. Long lengths of strong, thin wire for restringing. Works for all sizes, easier to guide through elastic channels than floppy ribbon. Game changer.

      This was mentioned above, but silicone ear plugs make the best eye putty because silicone only reacts badly with other silicone items, and will never damage your doll's resin or eyes. It's also remarkably stable over time, won't dry out, and retains its flexibility.

      Miniature keychain shoes are very frequently the perfect size for 1/4 scale dolls.

      Press-on rhinestone decals for nail art make adorable and easy-to-remove earrings.
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    16. The really small ones are great for helping dolls holding on to objects as well. I always have some within reach when taking photos. They are very nearly invisible as long as they are not right in focus.
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    17. OOOh this is a great idea. I don't have any props for my doll yet but will keep this in mind.
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    18. One thing that I would 100% recommend is if at all possible or affordable for you, buy the stringing tools and buy multiples! I have two of the S-hook pullers, 2 of the T-shaped stringer, and 2 hemostats. Since most of my dolls are 70cm, having these have really helped during the times I've had to unstring them since they can help give leverage when you're stringing the dolls versus using a ribbon (which basically makes my wrists and elbows hurt so bad sometimes). At the very minimum, buying hemostats which can be bought at medical supply stores are awesome for when you're changing parts of the dolls, like switching hands or heads, as it can help hold the strings at the tension you want.

      I have also used jewelry wire, about 16-18 gauge, as a stringing tool together with a ribbon. Bending it to form a U-shape helps create a hook that you can use for stringing and the slightly stronger wire can help with stringing. You can seal the ends with hot glue or bend it so that there are no sharp points. I've sometimes find the hot glue falls off so I prefer to bend the ends and then hot glue them.

      I also always use white putty to help hold the wig down!

      Another tip is to buy lots of white or light colored clothes or underclothes for your dolls. I'm always worried of staining dolls so I find that I'm dressing them mostly in light colored clothes, and having a variety of them keeps my dolls from being naked.

      To help your dolls stand, hold both of their feet down while you're positioning the body. I got this trick from a youtuber, and this has allowed me to get practically any BJD to stand - even my Doll Chateau on high heels.

      If your dolls are standing with bare feet, use a white paper towel under their feet. This helps create surface friction so that their feet don't slip and it reduces the dust that gets attached on their soles. Change the towels every so often.
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