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Smaller Jaime doll ...need !!!

Jan 8, 2008

    1. They are so cute. Love the wings especially.

      Sadly I'm broke dolly fund wise
    2. It's funny that they are calling the short body dolls Special, the opposite of what Latidoll does.

    3. If they had elf ears, I would totally buy one. They are adorable, and I love that they come with a sleeping head!
    4. How tall are they? I can't seem to find that info anywhere....
    5. I think their bodies are 15 cms.
    6. I keep seeing more and more adorable little ones that I want - no NEED - these are just too cute!! Trudy :aheartbea
    7. The crybaby doll makes me want to pick her up and cuddle her to make her smile!

      Argh. They are killing me. I said no new dolls for a couple of months since I still have 3 on the way!
    8. Everything is sold out ... Is it me or do they look a lot like LaTi dolls?
    9. they look a lot like lati dolls ;)
    10. They do look like Lati because they have the same sculpter in a sister type relationship. They can be bought from the Jaime doll site and the Lati site (although Lati has a front page for the new ones, they arent in the sale page yet either).
    11. I WANT the crybaby aya too.. and having sleeping head + wings is really tempting.. rawr....
    12. Very cute! Shame everything's sold out. I saw mentioned that there used to be a taller body (18cm), does anyone know if the smaller body is the only body they use now? Or was it just for these Special versions with the new heads?
    13. I assumed they weren't sold out, cos they're not being released until tomorrow (12/01)?? They do look like the lati tinies :aheartbea
    14. Yeah sorry, I just noticed that, but I meant all the basic line are sold out as well.
    15. I like a MORE than the previous versions! (I don´t like how small was the space between eyes in the other Jaime dolls)

      Kir, I think too that they look like a yellow lati so I think hey could be tiny lati´s friends ^///^!!!

      Ara is amazing! so lovely! :)
    16. I prefer these special ones to the basic ones too ;). hehehe
      And I agree with you they could be tiny lati's friends hehehe.
      My lati family is too big but maybe one can come to live with us O.o. I need to re-think about it yet. There are a lot of dolls and lots of tiny dolls from Xmas O.o eeeeeeeep.

      btw I've just seen you're waiting for a tan girl! congrats! hehehe. And welcome to the lati obsession ;) hehehe.
    17. I can't be the only one sitting near the computer to order one of the limited dolls when they go on sale in a couple hours! Anyone else out there??

    18. OMG--she is so precious. That sleeping face just slays me. And the little WINGS!!!!!! And she comes all dressed--

      now I have to STOP ordering dolls. I have so many coming I lost count. Sorry, not bragging--this is not normally something I do--but so many dolls that I loved all came out at the same time! And because I also carve dolls and sell them, I had some extra dolly dollars from Ebay sales over the holidays.

      Well there goes Baby Supia, I spent the money I was saving for her. But I'm not sad!!!
      Tomorrow (Sat) is my birthday--I guess I will have a great day!!:fangirl:

    19. are you ordering from Jaime doll directly or Lati? I'm still torn because I've got a couple of dolls on the way....i must hold off.....