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smaller minis?

Oct 16, 2009

    1. Does anybody know, if there are msd wich are a bit smaller than the usual ones? like 40 cm?
      thank you^^
    2. I believe CH little juniors are 36cm tall, so they would be in the tiny section.
    3. Nah there was a big debate a while back about where Customhouse Little Juniors should belong, ending in the decision that they are to be categorised here in the mini section: Petition to reclassify CH LJ (I was actually reading it today, which is why it is so fresh in my mind).

      Discussion thread of these cuties can be found here.

      I'm debating wether or not to purchase a pair myself soon, since CH is having a 2-for-one sale + free outfit, and it appears (by scanning the various incomming doll threads and reviews) that their quality and wait time has improved within the last few months.
    4. Actually, I think CH Little Juniors were officially considered the smallest MSD-sized doll, but I assume that because it's an in-between size people's milage will vary.

      Other small MSD's - Kid Delfs; the website does say 41 cm, but my Bory boy barely reaches 40.5 in shoes with thicker soles, so I'd say he's closer to 40- cm. Leeke M are also "about 40 cm" though I don't know just how "about" that is. There are also the Orientdoll minis, but beware that they're proportioned like adults and are very much out of scale with nearly all dolls on the market (even the other slim minis).
    5. unoa_im_afreak: really? but that thread is just fo dolls under 35 cm^^'...or not?

      wickedgood: aaah...ok^^ thank you^^

      Lelite: thank you^^...*goes off to look it up*
    6. Resin Soul MSDs are also smaller. I took some comparason pictures of my DollZone Feilian (44cm) my Bobobie Sprite (43cm) and my Resin Soul Ju. On the site it says she's 43cm but she's only 40. You can find the pictures here.

    7. Camellia Dynasty has a couple of shorter boys, listed as 42 cm on their site. (In pictures I've seen comparing them to AoDs, they do look quite a bit smaller.)
    8. planet doll has a line of 41cm dolls and 43cm dolls. the LJs can seem quite young next to other minis and they look great in a family.
    9. My leeke mabel is exactly 40cms. I think cherish dolls are also 40-42cms.
      Latidoll's green dolls are 30cms and minoru's dolls are around 33cms. I think customhouse has the only 35 & 36cm dolls.
    10. seconding Leeke...my new Leeke boy is so short ._. they're listed at 40cm but I have a feeling he may be shorter than that.
    11. Minis from Musedoll are only 40 cm and their head size is smaller than the regular minis. They are so cute too !
    12. Don't forget Narshas and Minoruworld juniors, same size as CH Lil jrs, but mysteriously still "tinies".
      Also the famous MiniFees.