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Smallest Dolls

Jul 30, 2018

    1. What are the smallest dolls that you own? Or what would be the smallest doll that you would buy? As in, when is a doll too small for you?

      I really want a Lati doll white, but am not sure if they're just too small.
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    2. I don't think I'll ever go smaller than MSD. Anything smaller feels cheap like a childs toy in my hands and I can't shake it (and I really don't know why?), or too fragile and would just sit on a shelf somewhere and collect dust.
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    3. That's amazing! I love her mushroom house.
    4. I have a PukiPuki and two Imda Timps, and I am tempted by a RealPuki, too. I have decided I prefer the tinies - they take up so little space and are such fun to sew and craft for. The downside is the comparative scarcity of good eyes, wigs, etc
    5. I have several RealPukis. and I have lovely wigs and clothes for them. The only problem is all the houses and goodies I have for them take up soooo much space! Look at these kids-the boys are camping.
      [​IMG]Camping with Patrick, Peter, Puck and Timmy by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    6. My smallest two are Glinda (dreamhigh studios holey moley) and Marcie (dreamhigh studios Leah). I love tiny dolls personally, they're super easy to find props and furniture for, easy to photograph and set up dioramas for, especially if you have limited space like I do. Honestly if you like the idea of a tiny doll over a larger doll, just go for it. The largest size I have is MSD and I much prefer the dolls around 10-16cm, I barely do anything at all with my MSDs because they're so large they're hard to photograph in my small space and nice props and furniture for them are pretty expensive.
    7. I like MSD and up, honestly. I like to windowshop at tinies and YO's, but for the most part they aren't really for me.

      I do have a tiny cat tho from Eve Studio that is.... absolutely teeny and it's not even their smallest size. Animals I guess are okay if they're a tiny! Just not human dolls.
    8. I would buy a 5cm doll, and dress it as a fairy, give it little fairy wings, and gift it to my mom....

      But as for me, I wouldn't want anything smaller than 35cm....
    9. [​IMG]Unicorns by suniko Z, on Flickr

      These little guys are my tiniest on topic dolls. Lati yellow Kuroo, tiny delf Hansel (both 16cm) and three Aimerai 1/12special flying series unicorns (10cm). I love them all to bits, but I'd probably not go smaller than that. And then I have a few of the tiny tiny aimerai qtpets. They're all under a 4 cms and I use them as dolly props anyway. :)
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    10. i just started looking at YOSD dolls and currently the smallest I can handle is a Soom Petit Gem. I currently have an Ondinn but they dont stand as tiny as everyone elses comments lol i tend toward MSD and nothing larger.
    11. I have a Dream High Studio Filia on the way, and he is going to be the tiniest baby I'll probably ever own! I think I love the tinies/yosd more than MSD because of my lack of space. But also, I have a weird obsession with miniatures and miniature things so that doesn't help! DHS is definitely a go-to place if you're looking for a tiny bjd lol.
    12. My smallest is a doll chateau ada--about 17 cm--and i think that's as tiny as i'd go. Most things i see in that scale are so squat, and i'm not really into that look (although i have seen some really cute ones). Aside from my ada, i currently only have 1/4 scale, and i like that size a lot. I'm now also looking into 1/6 because they seem fun and portable. I'm also interested in the larger end of the spectrum (sd and up), but i have no room in my home to explore that currently haha
    13. This is Fliss, a Chibi Feilene from DreamHigh Studio.
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    14. I love YOSD and Tiny dolls. There is something about being able to hold a tiny in the palm of my hand that is just so endearing. I also like their portability. My smallest ones include 2 Lati Yellow Kukus, an Irrealdoll Engendrito Ery, and my latest Soom iMda 1.7 Jane. I know what you mean about wondering about the tinier ones like the Lati White you are wanting. I am considering a Realpuki. I love the little elf/fairy ears. I enjoy knitting and crocheting and am working on my thinnest threads, needles, and hooks to create tiny tiny Fairy outfits. I have a Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys Santa's Castle that I want to decorate and use this coming holiday season with my tinies.
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    15. My smallest dolls are my two Real Pukis, and i definitely don't want anything smaller. While they're super cute and easy to find props for, they're also pretty fiddly to pose.
      Here's Kali (Real Puki Aki) with one of my "big" dolls-
    16. The smallest doll I've owned are lati yellows (2). I have considered getting lati whites, but after some time passed, I realized that yellows were too small for me. I love them, and occasionally get tempted to buy one, but it felt a bit limiting when photographing them. I recently rehomed both of the lati yellows I had, and haven't looked back. Now, the smallest bjd is a YOSD. I think I've learned through this experience that Yosd is the smallest I would go.
    17. My smallest are my RealPukis and my Leeel Dorothy and Tin Man. They are a wee bit shorter than my LatiWhites.

      by clochette62, on Flickr
    18. Oh my goodness that Tin Man is adorable!!
    19. [​IMG]

      I love tinies! Real Pukis are my very favorite but I do love these as well. I think the tiny DreamHigh Squee girl is on topic, her itsy bitsy baby friend is a porcelain artist creation, not much more than an inch tall.