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Smallest Mini girl head?

Jan 16, 2011

    1. I m trying to find small head for really small mini body. But I didnt find any. :-( I dont mean Fairly land chic line or that Dollmore fashion doll. But normal bjd. Something between 14 and 15 cm.

      Thanx for your help. :aheartbea
    2. It's best to name the brand of the body if you want a good match and fit.
    3. Well, I dont mind colors etc. Body is Miro doll/Lost angel. But really I like any head between 14 to 15 cm.
      Or maybe I ll buy Resinsoul 40 cm body. But still I need head 14- 15 cm. But I dont like BBB/RS heads. :-(

      Thank you Pandy, I know about this head. But It would be my last choice.
    4. If you're looking for heads about the same size as the Lan and Lu heads, but don't LIKE the Lan and Lu heads you could also look at some of the Yo-SD (27-ish CM) heads. I'd say the Resinsoul and BBB ones, but you already stated you don't like the head sculpts. I know that at least 1 person has put Soom 27cm tiny heads on the RS 40cm(single jointed) body, and it can look really nice if you want a head that 'small' with those sorts of proportions. It can make it harder to find a more MATURE looking face if that's what you are wanting, though.
    5. I have a soom beyla and a dim chosel on a resinsoul mini body. They look wonderful. Doc dolls have big heads but their faces are kind of small. Not sure what else at the moment.