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(Smallpackages) / Feedback for tsuli

Jul 1, 2006

    1. People's orders from the latest batch should be arriving around now, so if anyone would like to leave me feedback from this order period or the previous ones, that would be lovely, thank you :)
    2. Fast shipping, great clothes! Excellent seller. ^^
    3. Tsuli is the best!! *^.^* It's so fast doing and shipping the order, and her clothes are great!! *.*
    4. tsuli is friendly and helpful; and, I LOVE those jeans! See you soon when the SD13 size clothing are out ^_^.
    5. Small Packages clothing is great! It's cute, it fits amazingly well and it won't make your wallet beg for mercy. And Tsuli is great to deal with :D.
    6. Tsuli is wonderful to deal with and her clothing is fabulous! :D She even went out of her way to make an item for me that she had originally put on hold! Very fast shipping too! Would definitely buy from again. ^_^
    7. Really fast when purchasing, and really fun to deal with! :D Can't recommend her more ^_^
    8. i've purchased a couple of shirts and they were great. done in a timely manner and fit my boys perfectly. highly recommended
    9. Ordered some Pants and Shirts from tsuli and she was a dream to work with and the clothes she made are my Boys favourite ^^ He wears almost nothing but small package clothing :) She also finished the order fast and send it right away. I will definitely buy from her again!
    10. bought the monkey tee ^^ and its sooo amazing! i love it ^^ thanks so much :) would buy from again definatly :D
    11. I bought another shirt from Tsuli! ^_^ It arrived the day after she posted it! Wonderful! :aheartbea
    12. A great buyer and very nice person to deal with. Enjoy Tinatsu!
    13. arrived next day :D really fast shipping and amazing tops :D thanks so much ^^ also lovely to deal with ^^ would recommend to anyone!
    14. Got my pants today. Fast shipping, AMAZING jeans! EXACTLY what I wanted. Great quality. They're even better than I expected them to be. Thank you SO much!
    15. I received these gorgeous, SD13 jeans yesterday and OH MY GOD. They are so perfect. *loves* Thank you so much for such a quality product and for being so sweet and quick to ship!

      I'll definitely be buying more. Tsuli is one of the best clothing artists on this board!
    16. tsuli is amazing and one of the friendliest sellers on DoA!
      I just got some clothes from her, and they're awesome and VERY well made!
      Excellent quality and those little angel and devil drawings are just ADORABLE!! :aheartbea

      She even went as far as remaking some stuff that got lost in the stupid mail ;__;
      I really really appreciate it, even if it wasn't her fault!

      Thanks so much, tsuli!! I will always keep an eye on your selling thread! :)
    17. Bought some jeans from tsuli, and they arrived within 2 days :)! Superb quality clothing- definatley will be buying from in the future~!
    18. Love the pirate shirt I got from Tsuli. Well made and very cute. Shipping was quick too!
    19. I made a custom wig for Tsuli, she was awsome to deal with!

    20. I bought some Yo-SD tees from Tsuli, they arrived really fast and I LOVE them :)