Smirking dolls

Dec 28, 2019

    1. Does anyone else have a love for dolls that are smirking? I am always drawn to the sculpts and face ups that do this. In fact I will be ordering Resinsoul's 58cm Dai shortly and fell in love with her little smirk.
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    2. Oh, yes, for sure! I knew that I had to have LLT's Black Pearl the minute I saw his roguish smirk. <3
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    3. Miracle Doll Lio has sort of a devious smirk!
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    4. Doll Chateau Jason's smirk always makes him look up to no good. It is what made me love the sculpt.
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    5. Love them! IOS makes some particularly good ones! I love their Grazia and Bel Canto sculpts :D
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    6. Migidoll Janus Miho. Impldoll Glenn.
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    7. Three out of my 5.5 dolls (one is a floating head) are smirking one way or another, some more subtle than the others. XD I currently have (by order of acquisition) Granado Michael, Iplehouse Scarlet, and LoongSoul ZhuZhao. Then there's an upcoming purchase, a DF-H Takumi Kazama head. I didn't even know I had a thing for smirking sculpts until I purchased ZhuZhao. =))
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    8. I have Grazia from IOS. So yes for dolls with smirking! Love them! Also like dollzone Carter, Luts senior delf Juniper, Granado Hansel, and of course IOS Jaguar and Chaos.
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    9. My Magical Angel Kelly has a pretty good smirk.
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    10. Oooh, he's good looking but man that price tag hurts. Lol I'm glad he was a limited and not an option for my pocket book!

      He's a cutie!

      He does have a great face!

      I really love the Bel Canto one!

      Janus Miho has a fabulous smirk!

      Scarlet is so pretty as is every Iplehouse and that Takumi Kazama is so freaking cool looking!

      Those are all so freaking cool! Oh man, you found some neat ones!

      Yes it does! Lovely!
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    11. Always loved him. I owned a regular Miho once but Migi in general are such handsome guys.
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    12. They are really good looking, I hadn't really looked at them before. Dai will only be my second doll ever. :)
    13. Soul doll Joelle.d has a cute rebellious looking smirk! I adore him. Love the expressive dolls!
    14. Ah geez, he has an incredibly satisfying smirk! I absolutely love his face!
    15. I love a nice smirking face, I got a few of my dolls for their smirks. I have for smirkers off the top of my head, Jest who is an Impldoll Glenn (he has a costume face up, done half jester half normal). My boy Izzy is a Joelle D on an Dream Valley body, I need the character to look young, smug, and kinda cocky, and omg does that smirk work for it. I also got Ichabod my Ringdoll Raven for his smirky smile.
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    16. Yes he does! He has a lovely face!

      Glenn has popped up before but I like the idea of him as a half jester--that would work really well on him! And the other two are super smirky, I love them both! That description for Joelle D is really accurate!
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    17. Doesn’t he?! My friend is getting one and I am obsessed! I’m so excited to see him all complete because that smirk is everyThing!
    18. I have a bit of an affectation for smirking sculpts, although I'm into more subtle smirks over more distinctly expressive ones. The guy in my avatar, a Dikadoll Floyer, has a nice, sassy smirk which is especially accentuated from specific angles. And, although it doesn't really show in Granado's promotional photos of him, after I finished giving him a faceup, my Galileo boy has a slightly pronounced smirk to him (which really fits with the character he's shelled as).

      For sculpts that I don't personally have but absolutely love with awesome smirks, I'm absolutely infatuated with Immortality of Soul's Bel Canto. He's almost spot-on in appearance to Adam Lambert, especially when he expresses his signature smirk. If I ever got the chance to have him, I certainly would make Bel Canto either into Adam Lambert, or have him be heavily inspired by him.:D
    19. I was wondering who Bel Canto looked like! It was driving me crazy because I thought he looked familiar! I definitely prefer more distinct and noticable smirks but the subtle ones definitely have a charm I can't deny too.

      That's super exciting! And his price really isn't that bad! He may end up on my wish list for down the road just for that smirk alone.
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