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Snap on shirts? or Head off wearing shirts?

Jun 20, 2011

    1. Hello BJD lovers.

      Are many people does not like head off wearing shirts?
      Which way do you more like?
      No snap on the back shirts or with snap on shirt?
    2. Well, at the moment I'm too scared that I wouldn't be able to put their head back on if I took it off, so I prefer the snap-on shirts ~
      However, I do think the head-off shirts look nicer ~
      So maybe when I am more confident with taking their heads off I will prefer them ~
    3. snap-on shirts if they are made well. The only time I like head off ones is if it's like a turtle neck sweater or something and even then I like it best if it has buttons at the back~ I change my dolls a lot and I have a lot of dolls so if I had to take their heads off every time I don't think I would be happy...XD Anyway... My dolls like to stay assembled unless I'm working on their makeup. : )
      #3 skyf, Jun 20, 2011
      Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
    4. Depending on the doll. I have a doll that wears the same always and in order to have the least amount of bulk I like headremoval.

      But for my other dolls that change all the time I like snaps or thin velcro, because it's just so much easier to change them that way. So I prefer clothes that open in the back.
    5. If you have to pull it over the head I would take the head off. I ALWAYS take head off for those situations. I don't like any part of their face touching the fabric of their clothes (especially if it's getting moved over their face) and would rather just pop their heads off to reduce the risk of scratching the face up/removing msc.
      I'm not a fan of snaps down the back of shirts though they do help. If they have snaps down the front and they look natural (like button up shirts or even zippy up ones) that makes me a happy girly~ 83
    6. Yes. Many people does not like damge make up from clothing and I know that pull head off and on is kind a unhappy to do.
      But well fitting top may look much better without snap on on the back. I really like realistic clothes for my dolls
    7. It depends on the doll I'm buying the clothes for honestly. Like for my Mnf woosoo, I don't mind "head off" shirts, because he has this really nifty latch that allows me to easily remove his head without having to worry. But for my others that require more hassle to even get their heads off, tend to get more use out of the shirts that can be worn without head removal.
    8. For me it depends on the doll. I have no problems with most of my dolls to take the head off before dressing. But there are a few (like my Luts El) I really hate to remove his head because his head system is a pain... It's always good to know before ordering clothes, that they will need head or hand removement.
    9. I actually just had this problem yesterday. I realized the hoodie I bought for my doll wouldn't fit over his head. Haha. I was so scared to take his head off, because he's so new. I wasn't able to get it back on. T_T I had to use a Q-tip, loop it around the top S-hook- then twist/turn and pull up on the Q-tip. Thank goodness it didn't break. Least to say... He'll be wearing this hoodie for a while. Ahaha.
    10. I go either way depending on the doll also. If the doll has an easy to remove head then it's head off, if it is a hard to remove head (especially the old kinds where they string onto the headcap) I prefer button on.
    11. I prefer shirts that I can put on in a way that prevents me from having to take their heads off, mainly because I find it to be extremely annoying. :lol:
    12. I don't like pull over the head or head off shirts. Even though snaps don't look quite as nice I prefer them.
    13. I definitely tend to prefer shirts with snaps. Nice and easy, and my dolls are usually wearing a jacket over the shirt anyway, so you never see the snaps. A few of my dolls have heads that are easy to remove, so I'll do that sometimes when dressing them, but others are trickier. I have two dolls with removable ears where the ears are held on with elastic, so removing their heads is very awkward. x_x
    14. I prefer shirts with snaps, be they in the front or back. I dislike having to take my doll's head off anytime I want to change her shirt. It's a big hassle! I'm not hesitant to do it, I'm just lazy. LOL
    15. Unless it's a shirt that's supposed to be like a button up dress shirt or something, I just take the head off. Luckily all my dolls have magnetic headcaps, and I have a handy pair of pliers always at the ready so it's not a big deal for me to take their heads off. It's a little bit of a hassle to restyle their wigs every time, but I have to do that whenever I bring them to meetups or just bring them out anyway (my current makeshift carrier/travel bag thing doesn't like doll wigs).

      I just prefer the look of a closed back t-shirt, over snaps up the back, to me it looks like a hospital gown if it has the snaps in the back.
    16. it kinda bugs me to see all the buttons on the back :/ I prefer one (maybe 2) snap that hold a little opening. it still helps to put on the shirt and isn't too obvious if you want to take a picture of your doll's back (I've had dolls that we had to be 2 to put on their heads. in case like that I really prefer not to take it off xD )
    17. It's not a big deal to take off a head. I have pliers and a hook lying around all the time. I much prefer to take a head off than damage a faceup or have a funny looking shirt with unrealistic snaps in the back.
    18. I prefer shirts I can get on without having to remove their heads. Mostly due to the fact that I stick the wigs down with wig tape [because I'm VERY particular about hair] and as such don't wanna remove them. :p
    19. I really do prefer snaps or thin velcro down the back - all the way down the back is best. I have a head removal puller so it's not that big a deal, but I find myself automatically gravitating towards shirts that open front or back and using them more because they're more convenient. I don't really photograph or look at my dolls from the back so I don't see the snaps. I wish all doll clothing companies would make it obvious how the shirt opens or closes on the site.
    20. My Vivica has an S-hook to attach her head to her body, so while it's not too bad to remove, I'd rather use snaps or velcro on clothes than removing her head. ^^;