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Sneakers or athletic shoes for Souldoll Double boys?

Mar 13, 2008

    1. My wonderful Osu is coming home to me in a few weeks! Hurrah!:aheartbea

      So while I'm waiting I'm getting his clothes and things sorted out. The only issue I'm having is finding him sneakers. Just plain normal every day boy sneakers. If anyone is able to point me in the right direction Lucas would greatly appreciate it.
      I don't like anything on the Souldoll page, and I'm just not entirely confident in my measurement comparisons.
    2. I think there's a group order that nightfall is doing for SD sizes canvas style sneakers :) Otherwise Volks is coming out with a pair I think
    3. I'm thinking about getting a souldoll boy too and have been looking at shoes as well. Supposedly their feet are 7.9 Dollmore has a lot of shoes but the model shoes are 9cm. Perhaps a little tissue in the toes :sweat ? So far haven't seen any closer-good look with your search!
    4. I have just ordered a pair from releaserain on ebay. I will let you know as soon as they arrive. He is such a tall well built boy, I think he would look better with bigger shoes. I got the Jinwoo fullset and the shoes that came with make his feet look too small for his body.
    5. I love some of the new Souldoll sneakers, but they are more than I pay for my own shoes! I know I'll cave in soon though.
    6. LOL most doll stuff I buy I would never spend for myself ! Wierd huh?
    7. Hmmm--I think the new Souldoll sneakers are pretty terrific, myself.

      But for something in a similar style with a lower shipping cost, Karin Bussman is still showing these Ajumapama sneakers as available for order: http://www.ajumapamausa.com/SD/SHOES/S23/S023.html

      They will definitely fit a Souldoll Double boy; my Saint is wearing them right now, and I've had them on my Customhouse 60cm boys, my Dollstown Mui, and my SD13 boys with equal success.
    8. They are so cute!
    9. I was having this problem too. If you search up ReleaseRain on ebay they have some nice stuff that works for really good prices. I just bought my boy a pair of skull print canvas sneakers for under $10. They have them fit for the SD13 so the foot size is similar to the Souldoll Double.
    10. OMG! I just ordered Killian with very plain face-up and I was wondering if I made a mistake because there seemed to be no Souldolls mentioned on DoA.

      It is nice to find out where to get sneakers. All the wigs were sold out except for blue and very short. :...(

      Is there a Souldoll waiting group? I just looked up Osu, Panda Girl. I was pretty sure he was the one I thought about too. For me, it was hard to choose between the two. Killian won.:)

      I would love to see photos of Osu's arrival and other Souldolls too. How can we keep in touch to share out dolls?

    11. I did start a Souldoll waiting room... they just don't seem very popular.

      sjlou just PM me! I'll be posting my opening pictures and no doubt spamming him everywhere.
    12. Yeah I didn't hear much about them till after I got him xD

      For wigs I did run into that problem too. Best bet is JPop wigs. So beautiful too and they have some 8/9 wigs that fit Killian on sale- http://www.jpopdolls.net/store/wigs.html
    13. Killian has recently arrived here at my house, with sneakers. He has a very plain face up too but he is still gorgeous, however I did not like him with blue eyes which is how he arrived but when I changed them to grey he looked much better. His sneakers are great.
    14. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/images/smilies/aheartbeat.gif
    15. I have two souldoll darlins (a girl and a boy) incoming and have already started plotting and planning outfits. I would like to have some shoes for them to wear with these outfits and since souldoll doesnt have every many(and they generally sell out fast) I have been looking to other companies to furnish my little darlins feet.

      I was wondering if anyone who has a souloll or experience with them knows which other companies shoes fit well.

      Kanguks feet are about 8cm in length and Gisele's are about 7cm

      Im hesitant to just go by measurements that other companies post with their merchandise, since im sure they may measure differently.

      preemptive pie, hugs and thank yous!
    16. I haven't tried shoes from every company out there, but my Hye can wear SD10/13 girl shoes from Leekeworld and Dollheart, and I've put my Paris(he's on the double body) in Volks, Luts Senior Delf-sized, and dollheart shoes without problems. Souldolls don't have huge feet, so finding shoes shouldn't be an issue^^

      Congrats on your dolls, by the way:)
    17. You can try Musedoll. All of their clothes and shoes are fit on Souldoll Double Body (boy and girl). They have high quality items.
    18. @ashlia
      thanks for the congrats, Im so excited and it only seems to get worse as the days go on, hehe. And thank you for the info. I think I remember seeing some shoes from those companies I liked. Ill be sure to check them out. ^ ^

      thanks for the info! I didnt know that they fit on souldoll. ^ ^
    19. My Hye wears shoes from Eluts, Iplehouse, Leekeworld, Souldoll... and more but I dont remember wich company XD

      only downpoint is she cant stand well in high heeled shoes :( and I like those best, her ankles cant make her feet point enough for them. I have been asking Souldoll if they make high heeled feet a few times now and they keep promising but I havent seen any progress in it yet :(
    20. @Hasel

      eeep, thats too bad. Well hopefully they get those heel parts together soon. Id certainly be interested in those, though I really like flat shoes too. ^ ^ thank you for the info.