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Sneaky looking mini girls?

Jul 23, 2006

    1. I recently fell in love with a Lishe as Im trying to find doll girl msds with a sneaky look to them, like Lishe. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ive looked at the tender and half closed eyes msds, I like them, but can anyone suggest others for me to look at or post their dolls on here for me to see? It would be a great help. Benn looking for a doll that would suit a character of mine who is a sneaky, dark, mysterious woman who is sister to my doll snyder, so would be ideal if they have that round youthful look that snyder boy has. Sorry if this is difficult!!:?
    2. a BlueFairy Niky is a mischeivous mold (tho it's designed to be a boy), and I know someone on here has the Niky head on a girl body, so you can order the head seperate adn the blossom body and make it into a girl. I dunno if that's what you're looking for however.
    3. I always thought my Vivien (she is a Rosee Asha) was sneaky looking! She's named after Vyvyn the anarchist on the Young Ones. She also has a rounded face. She poses great BTW.

    4. Stella, a doll named after someone in the Young Ones?? That rocks :aheartbea

      I think a Souldoll Snyder girl would make a good twin, but do you want a different mold altogether? A sneaky-eyed but round-cheeked mold...Angelregion Cien girl maybe? Or Kid Dollmore Isaac might be interesting to look at. She's unusual looking I think, with slanted but quite large eyes, and a rounded face. Also Persian Nocturne looks really unique - and feline-esque sneaky! If you wanted an older looking one a minifee Lishe sounds really good, or maybe a Narae with a custom face-up and semi-closed eyes?
    5. I have a Bluefairy Jerome head on a girl body, and she can be pretty devious-looking. I second the Niky recommendation -- he looks more sneaky and less cranky than Jerome.

      She definitely looks like she's plotting evil here:

      IMO any of the bluefairy heads make good girls. Jerome's really the most masculine of the lot. XD

      There is the mini-fee Lishe, too, and I think mini-fee Shiwoo would make a cute and very mischievous girl as well.
    6. I agree that Dollmore Isaac is pretty sneaky looking. :)

    7. wow thanks for all these suggestions! i would love a mini fee lishe but want to consider all other ideas. i LOVE the bluefairy jerome actually! ill keep looking, keep suggestions coming! :)
    8. All of my photos of Nikola are here: http://sr388.net/foo/photos/doll

      So you can dig through 'em if you want. I love the Jerome sculpt, it's very versatile.
    9. Thanks everyone but you never guess...I have bought a Snyder girl! I really thought long and hard about it (er, about two days) and looked at other dolls but I think it is meant to be with the Snyder girl...Thank you all for your help though!
    10. Will you be posting pictures of your Snyder girl? I'd love to see her...
      Here is a picture of mine...(with teal Glastic Plastic eyes, Perfect lashes, Souldoll default faceup). :daisy

    11. Ooo yes, Snyder would have been my pick for sneaky looking. She always looks as though she knows something I don't.

    12. hahaha, two days....oh dear...can't wait to see your Snyder pair together now :aheartbea
    13. I got a Hoo with a girl body (a narae girl body actually) and i picked her cause she had a look that said she was up to something ^^;;
    14. Izzy is looking pretty devious here.