SNG (now SWITCH) Ajeon & Milhwa

Feb 12, 2010

    1. News thread

      SNG's new sculpts look much thinner in the face than their earlier sculpts - no more of the cute baby-fat in the cheeks this time. I'm not sure whether I like Ajeon, but I definitely like Milhwa.

      And the photos are so pretty, as always. ;3; I'm still sad I never got SNG's official photobook

      Edit: Btw, it's pretty difficult to order from SNG if you don't know korean - but luckily she always releases her heads for limited periods through 4D so we can check here to see when Ajeon and Milhwa pop up. 4D also always does their own promo photos and faceups for the SNG heads, so probably we'll be able to see clear full frontal shots from them.

      Edit2: Never mind, now SNG has international order available directly. :)
    2. ahhhh both of them looks really cool!!! Ajeon can totally be a matured version of Javi! lol. But I really love Milhwa!!! He just too sexy for his own good!! TAT
    3. Wow, they are so beautiful! I prefer Ajeon :) He looks so elegant and delicate... I like him *a lot*. I agree that Milhwa is sexy ;) still I prefer Ajeon *__*
    4. I also like the most Milhwa *////* I think they're eyes are so beautiful~
      But I would love to see better pictures of the head, more "reals" =_=
      Are they Volks fitting resin?
    5. I love the look of them both..but, I need to see front on pictures, why are they all turned to the sidem I can't get a good look. Still what I see of pretty. I don't need any more heads *dies*
    6. Oh, wow, they are so pretty!
      I wish the pictures would be a little more clear, though. I can't really get a good look at either of them...
    7. They're both lovely, but I like Milhwa more. XD
    8. When they go up for sale at 4D, they'll probably get a different faceup and photo session so we'll get to see more clear front views.... I love these photos but it's so true they're all at an angle. :sweat
    9. Milhwa is great! At least I think so. I would like to see the bare face.
      My family keeps telling me that I have to stop buying beautiful heads and get the ones I have bodies. But....
    10. God, they're both beautiful. I think I'm completely in love with Milhwa, but like someone else said, I don't understand why there are no clear views of the head straight on. I hope they post some more where you can actually see his face better, because he looks amazing! :aheartbea
    11. I'm really responding to Milwha, but I would definitely want the head for a very statuesque woman. Can't wait to see more shots.
    12. would really like to see more frontal shots!

      and am i the only one who thinks that Milhwa looks like a matured version of Ryun???

      (because i've been pining for Ryun for too long, she said she will re-release but she didn't D= )
    13. (thinking aloud)

      it's no good i want them both plus napi new head

      but I've three heads at home and one on the way and two on my wish list

      AhHhhH what should i do i'm going nuts
    14. I looooove Milwha! I neeed more pics! How do you order from SNG's site? I never figured it out.
    15. I'm pretty sure SNG sells their sculpts in limited runs through Vier4D's site. So I think all we have to do is wait for them to post them for sale there. :)
    16. Milhwa looks like SDF Howl
    17. I love Milhwa - the head would work very well for a female character I've got in the works. Are SNG's heads usually released only in normal skin, or are they often available for order in white skin as well? Okay, nevermind, I figured out that one myself, by going to 4D's site. New question! How WHITE is the white skin for these heads? Will they look okay on Soom white, you think?
    18. as long as i can see,sng 4D sales both ws and ns heads.
    19. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see the female-ness of Milhwa. Of course, I'm always the one plotting to make ANY head male, so I guess I just always see male in anything! :lol:

      Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to seeing more photos of Milhwa. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the long, straight nose. I wish it was more curved like earlier sculpts.

      But yes, I would very much appreciate seeing more frontal shots. I mean, he looks great from the profile. But I don't think I like the downward angle on any doll sculpt. Upward, yes.
    20. Oh, I don't think the head looks feminine at all, but that is what I want for this particular female character.