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[SNG/Sonyeongi] New series : cafe SWITCH - SHINO

Apr 26, 2010

    1. [​IMG]







      More Pictures are : http://sweetsosweet.com/cafeswitch/100426.htm :D

      SHINO – [ Telling of a new start ] A boy from April


      *NOTE: SHINO, the premier release from our cafe SWITCH series, will be available only in normal skin.

      1. Head size (circumference): 9 inch

      2. Eye size: 18mm

      3. Compatible body type: VOLKS SD13 Boy (UV Skin)/ VOLKS SDGraffiti / VOLKS SD9 / 60cm Scale BJD body etc.

      * Shino's additional photos (fit on SD9 body) will update April 29 *

      4. Skin type: normal skin

      5. Order period:

      from April 26 2010 11PM to May 1st 11PM(KOREAN TIME)

      6. Purchase price: 140USD + Shipping fee

      * Shipping fee:

      * Order Quantity for customers are 4 head per person*

      EMS (1~2) The Americas : 20 USD / Asia : 15USD

      EMS (3~4) The Americas : 30USD / Asia : 15USD

      *The Day limit for Payment :

      2010.04.26(23:00 KOR) - 2010.05.01(23:00 KOR)*

      7. Paypal account: paypal / sonyeongi@naver.com

      <Place your order>

      *NOTE: In case of e-mail orders, it is possible that our Sonyongi emails will land in your spam folder and create problems in our communication process.

      If you don&#8217;t see our newsletters in your inbox, please check your spam folder and/or contact us at our website&#8217;s Q&A page.

      1. Full name of the person placing the order:

      2. Full name of the person sending in the payment to us:

      3. Address to be delivered:

      4. Contact information (phone + email):

      5. Quantity :

      E-MAIL : sonyeongi@naver.com

      * The shipping will be held within 4-5weeks of working days.
      * The shipping can be delayed more when there are rushing orders.
      * When the Shipping begins, we will notice on web site.

      We are also glad to announce that, at the end of this order period (i.e. May 1st, 2010), we will make a brand new start.

      Coming soon, 2010.05.01

      We look forward to staying in touch, and thank you again for your support and love for our dolls!


      Sonyeongi's new boy [SHINO] !!

      Order Here!!! : http://sweetsosweet.com
    2. Please let us do simple ordering by e-mail like last time. Thank you so much he's really cute!
    3. Please visit http://sweetsosweet.com :)
      The Ordering method is same like last time~
      (And there are more pictures about SHINO)
    4. I'm in love <3 Discussion thread started over here!