SNG/Sonyeongi Series : cafe SWITCH - SHINO

Apr 27, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      News thread: here.
      Extra pictures on company website: here.

      Goodness, he's so beautiful! I love his feminine features and almost sulky expression. I even love his open mouth, and that's a first for me. Definite love at first sight over here! I've already put my order in; now I'm just waiting for confirmation so I can go ahead and pay.
    2. I really love this head! Will it be available for a limited time only, or will it periodically be available during ordering periods?
    3. I full in love with this head too!!but too sad that they don't offer face make-up...:(
    4. I adore all the new SNG molds, Siho is really beautiful (a little too feminine for me with his big eyes, I'm more attracted to Milhwa).
      Another great work!
      I hope Sweetsosweet will change their way of selling in may, because thoes 3-days ordering periods are simply ridiculous. I can understand that for limited fullsets with hard to find fabrics, but heads? And I cross all my fingers that Aejon, Milhwa & Siho will be available later again. *please please*
    5. I love him so much... but I can't afford him rght now after just buying Ajeong last month >< I'm dying~! SNG is coming out with brillant heads so close to each other and with such short ordering periods. It's crazy!
    6. I love Yian's photos always so beautiful. Shino'a lips is my favorite part of this sculpt. The ordering period is really short though, unfortunately. Some people may not have enough funds to gather in such a short notice. ><
    7. I *think* it'll only be available for this ordering period. This company is new to me, though, so don't quote me on it!

      I know - such short notice, and such a short ordering period! I'm almost glad I missed the last order, because if I had I would have ordered Milhwa and not been able to afford Shino, heh.
    8. I agree with others here. I just received my Milhwa, and I really love SNG's sculpts, but I'm afraid with the ordering periods back to back, and only being open for a few days I won't be able to save and bring a Shino home too. >< So sad because I LOVE his face. He's really wonderful. T__T Maybe later secondhand I can find one...
    9. Izam >
      Me too! When I saw the pics I was all "I want to kiss him!!" ^3^
    10. I fell madly in love with this boy, as he does remind me a lot of my old character Justin. I had Justin as a Migidoll Miho, but decided to sell the head, because it didn't match well Justin's child form, what I used to have too. Justin's child form was Kid delf Cherry, and now, when SNG released this head, I noticed alot of similarities with Cherry, and this head matched my plans perfectly!
      I hope that I'm able to buy this head. At the moment I'm really low on funds, and the 5 days selling time period is really short, so I'll need to think fast that where I should get the money for this gorgeous head!

      I love the faceup, and I'm also sad that they don't offer the faceup with the head. It's so beautiful!
    11. Ordered. I really can't resist the SNG boys... I'm worried about whatever fabulous thing they have planned next. I hope they can give us a little more notice. Haha, I'm not sure I can come up with the money every order period at this rate!
    12. Hehe, me too! If they release another gorgeous boy on May 1st, I definitely won't be able to afford him :/

      Looks like they've put up a couple of new piccies of Shino, as well as the one on the Volks SD9 body. He looks so cute with dark hair! I think I prefer him as a blond though.
    13. Look at the beautiful photostory they made about Cafe Switch, the pictures are amazing. Poor Shino! ^^ I wonder what's happening next.
    14. Oh, that photostory is so cute! Poor Shino! :)
    15. :lol: I think this is the first comedy I've seen SNG do! Their promo stuff is usually all melodrama and angst. I was feeling kind of indifferent about Shino but now I want to hug him.:3

      I will pass this time but I really look forward to seeing what the owners do with him. He's got an unusual little face.
    16. I'm sorry if this is off topic, but does anyone know about body compatibility for Shino or SNG heads in general? I only had white skin heads before so I don't know how their normal skin color look like. Do you think they'll fit iwith SDF body color? I really want a SDGr body but the price is craaazyyyy :(
    17. Nooo!! I didn't know SNG released such a cutie (T_T). Darn school, making me miss important things like this. I really hope she sells Shino again, he's so cute! And this is going to be off topic, but did SNG switch their company name or something? And does anyone know if they no longer sell the other heads like Uhui and Javi and I forgot what the other ones were. I only see three heads under the shopping link (o.O) .
    18. Ebisama, there's a resin match thread somewhere... if you search for SNG* then I'm sure it'll pop up. I'm pretty sure that SDF resin is a good match, if I remember right. But I haven't seen SNG resin "in the flesh" myself yet, lmao, so I'm just judging from the photos :)

      bunny27, I'm sorry you missed him :( It's kind of hard to tell whether SNG have become Switch now as their official company name, or if that's just their new line of dolls. The site says that they're taking down the Shino sales links on the 15th though, so presumably they'll give us some new information at the same time! (I get the impression that they don't resell their past heads, but I could be wrong - I hope I am. I'd love to have a Milhwa as well!)
    19. I have a few SNG heads, all NS, and they match SDF well. The resin match thread who_la_hoop mentioned is here. SNG NS is pretty close to Volks NS, which is a color it seems like a lot of companies use, fortunately!
    20. Thanks for the info Shiroi_Yukiko!

      Here is the new website link:
      I think Aejong, Milhwa and Shino (sold out now) will be released again in the future. Because if they're not, what's the point on putting them into the new shop? ^^
      I'm very happy about the new site, maybe now it will be easier for us to order the great SNG creations.