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Snow white tinies and wig colours

Jul 23, 2007

    1. Does anyone else ever have trouble picking out wigs for their snow white tinies? And I don't mean pale, or just light skinned, I mean white. Like, white banji white, or white lati pury white, or catsy white. White out white.

      I finally go my first bjd! A little snow white banji girl, and she is adorable. And bald. And I don't know what WIG COLOUR to choose!! I automatically wanna do white (tinybear's fantasy white) but I am considering a different colour as well.

      The ones I am considering are tinybears buzzbuzz, fantasia, mochachino, thunderstorm, and pistachio!

      If anyone has pics of snow white tinies in different coloured wigs, I'd love to see how the colour goes with their skin tone? I'm mainly worried about them looking stark white and then washing out in photos. I might just go with fantasy white. :D
    2. here is my cherishdoll alley- who is snow white in a purple wig I just finished making! I think it suits her well!

    3. I have found that I prefer a whiteish fur wig or a soft pink fur wig on my OD So Dong in white skin. Darker colors on such a tiny white thing made her face lose prominence.
    4. Ooh that wig is lovely on her littlepinkfaery, it does suit her pale complexion well!

      Congratulations on your first BJD Spacemachine!!

      I know what you mean Spacemachine, I'm having a bit of trouble finding something to suit my white skinned Happydoll Daisy. I did have the intention of placing her in a lovely ash blond with pink tips Tinybear wig (Very Strawberry Blonde I think it's called) as it's not too pale but not too bright either, but when it came to putting it on her she sat with a face like fizz for days, it just wasn't her at all! The wig hasn't gone to waste as my Leeke/Bambi hybrid wears it, in fact she was modelling it in the pictures on Tinybears website lol. Tinybear's wigs are lovely, very very soft!

      Head and face shape is also something to take into consideration. HD Daisy doll has an unusual head shape and needs a wig with a fringe (bangs) and at least some hair framing the face in general, she does not suit anything that is away from the face.
      The wig she has on just now is the one she came with which is a pale platinum blonde and actually looks ok on her with the brown eyes she has! It may not look ok if her eyes were paler.


      Whatever colour you chose, what suits your doll will be affected by her general skintone (eg, my HD Daisy is on the pink end of white so very pure pigments and acid colours would look awful on her), and also the face up and eye colour she has. If say you choose Pistachio green you'd be better sticking to similar shades of earthy colours to compliment.

      At the end of the day it'll be down to personal taste and a bit of trial and error.
    5. I'm straddling the fence. On some dolls I like the contrast of a dark wig. On others, the softness of a lighter colored wig is exactly what's needed.
      I also agree with Blodeuwedd that faceup, skintone, and eyecolor affect what color wig will look best.
      What color wig Lizzie wears depends a lot on her eye color. With the eyes I have in now the hair tends to be more dramatic.
    6. Lizzie is lovely, I am rather fond of the Elf Uyoo face, and those eyes look very striking on her! What eyes are they??
    7. Oooh thanks for all the pics guys! The purple is very lovely.

      The Banji has NO pinkness to her whatsoever. She's like, copy paper white XD

      In the end I was having so much trouble bonding with her :( I think what I'm gonna have to do is get a jet BLACK wig to contrast with it, and give her reddish lips for a snow white look? Obviously I gotta do it with a light touch.

      Eeee *goes to check tinybear's wigs colours*
    8. It takes time but I promise once you find something that suits her personality you'll feel much closer to her. I can make a world of difference, trust me on that one :)
    9. I was actually considering selling her once I got my elfdoll. Banji was so pretty but I wasn't bonding at all.

      Now I'm gonna try redoing her faceup and finding her that perfect wig. I hope it'll make it easier XD I was thinking either black, or dark gray with purple tips (tinybear's stormcloud)
    10. For a few days after I got 'Daisy' I thought that too as everything I had planned for her as far as her look was concerned went straight out the window when I discovered she didn't suit it. I was pretty disheartened, felt I wasn't bonding with her at all but went ahead and repainted her anyway hoping it would make a difference, looked about for clothes and perhaps new wigs and out of frustration I put on her the wig that came supplied (the one I considered the most hideous of the wigs HD make for their tinies ><) and found that shape, once I untied the looped bits and pulled them into a ponytail, made her look much better.

      Sounds daft but she in herself seemed much more relaxed and I have an idea of her personality now.

      I think most people feel that something is wrong if they don't instantly bond but some things just take a bit more time and a bit of getting to know one another. Hell some mothers don't instantly bond with their babies everyone just assumes they do.

      I'd give it maybe a month and if you still feel the same then then perhaps she just isn't right for you.

      Meanwhile have fun :)
    11. Trilliam is a paper-white Pixiez Lily. here's a couple of thumbnail's in different colours. Although I like the pink and beige with her complexion, I really think the brilliant red is most suitable for her overall. Perhaps you'll feel differently. *Click small to enlarge*[​IMG] [​IMG]

    12. The brilliant red is LOVELY sister cuevo! I actually have a wig that is a bit darker then that in the mail, on it's way. Maybe I'll love her once i have it on! I think another big thing for me is the eyes.

      Btw, honestly? I don't like pixiez lily.

      But I love yours. :3 She's SO cute. Adorable outfits too! Great job!
    13. I LOVE her. I think she looks great in both pink and red wigs.
    14. I adore white resin

      lilac is stunning
      black dramatic ...and burgundy ...red

      I tend to stop away from white
      ...white wigs tend to make white resin look yellow ...unless its Banji /bobobie white

      I guess Im lucky ....I can try on what colour I like

      ...I think its easier to say what colours I dont like with white

      grey and .brown ...that was easy LOL
    15. Those are Masterpiece Soft Glass eyes in Caribbean. I fell in love with those eyes on a doll before I even knew what a ABJD was. :lol:
    16. Ooh thanks for that Mary!

      Trilliam has a very 1940's look about her in the pictures with the beige and red wigs.
    17. Ooo. I'm liking the purple up there. It's pretty.