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"So about that spending problem..."

Mar 2, 2019

    1. I tend to spend money when I ain't got it, pfft.

      Right now, with a new doll on the way, I always go broke around now cuz I like to get their wigs, eyes, and first outfit for them ready to go before they ever even arrive, and boy oh boy do I not have the money to do that right now...... but I'mma do it anyway. 8D

      Pls tell me I'm not alone with this irresponsible "I'd rather eat ramen for 2 weeks then wait right now" mindset? XD I mean truth be told, I don't touch bill, rent, or car money. But any extra I have that I should stash? Pffft naaaaah.

      :EDIT: Outfit I'm about to drop some cash on (I already got his wig, and his eyes are getting ready to be dropped for.) Boy Outfits, BJD Outfits - BJD Accessories, Dolls - Alice's Collections
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    2. Well some outfits/dolls are limited edition. Imagine if you ate ramen for 2 weeks and your grail doll sold out?
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    3. You are so not alone. I always think it's hilarious that I'd much rather buy new shoes for a doll than for me. Like, $40 for footwear? Pffft waste of money, I can wear flip-flops all winter. $40 on doll shoes? Heck yes.
      I also have started measuring money in units of dolls. $250 car payment = 1 MSD per month.
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    4. Same here. I got 5 dolls in less than 3 months that I've known about BJD's. I cut out all extra spending, no matter how little. Pay my bills then all extra goes towards dolls. But I haven't found enjoyment in anything in so long so I think its worth it

      This is too funny. I would never spend money on clothing except $1 at yard sales. My dolls however I don't care about costs for shoes/eyes/clothes. I also measure things in dolls. New fridge is an insane $1000! "I could buy a doll with that money!" My brother bought a new car for $500 a month, I said "That's a doll a month!" xD
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    5. I'm the same way! I buy my clothes from Good Will, or H&M's clearance section. However I just dropped $140 on 2 new outfits for my MDD. I've also started to measure things in dolls, "that's about 1 SD and a half high"
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    6. OH YES, I absolutely hate buying clothes for myself! I'll wear the same pair of jeans until I get holes in the thighs. But a set a company comes out with for dolls that would fit my OC? GOTTA GET IT, they'll look so fly!! 8D

      I measure things in doll cash too actually. XD
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    7. As they saying goes, it's expensive to be poor. At least doll layaways don't have interest fees though.

      I usually don't have much in way of disposable income so to combat this I try to trade as much as possible. I've probably traded 7 dolls in the passed year or two, and more clothes/wigs/etc than I can remember. Even right now I have two trade packages in the mail; one is shoes and the other is clothes and a pair of eyes. I also have a resin doll I'm trying to trade (or sell, either way I'll be happy) at the moment but he's off topic here so I can't list him on doa and that's making things a bit more difficult.

      I just love the mail system, I guess, so a lot of it is due to that. If I'm not trading doll items, I'm doing gift exchange or secret santas.
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    8. Spending definitely became an issue since I started collecting. I had a hobby budget from the shift differential I'd make from working nights that I used for figures, skin care, eating out, etc... until I started splurging on BJDs.
      But the pressure is on to hold back even more now since I'm back in school and went part time at work. Don't really have a disposable income anymore and its especially tempting with limited releases!!

      Living vicariously through seeing other people's hauls really scratches the itch though! I love when people are super enthusiastic about sharing their doll related purchases/finds!
      Plus one good thing that came out of this is that I'm a lot pickier with things I buy now. I invest more into essential items and I'm not really accumulating a bunch of fast-fashion or nick-knacks (unless it's for my dolls), I eat home-cooked meals more and being able to put together my OCs as dolls makes me so happy! ^^ It's almost sad how easily I'll drop big bucks on some nice dolly clothes/wigs though :frownyblush: nobody even has shoes!
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    9. I can relate, my friend gave me my first girl doll for Valentine’s Day and I had to sell and buy to get her clothing and accessories for her.

      Most of my money goes to my dolls. I love them to death, but I really need to save so I actually get myself something nice instead of getting something for my dolls.

      I have a convention to save up for in a few months and I can’t do it if I’m spending money on doll clothes and accessories
    10. I don't live anywhere near a doll convention, but man if I did, I'd def at least save enough to go to one. D: I wanna show off my custom stuff and see everyone else's in person someday. ;c;
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    11. I’ve been in the hobby for eight months and already I have five dolls to take care of. I have an uncontrollable stream of wigs, eyes, shoes and clothing coming in the mail. But you know what, in these months I bought nothing for myself, that’s got to be a record! I admit I can’t stop buying doll stuff, but I’m not sure if I’m actually spending more overall.
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    12. Eh, I think most of us in here have got the so-called "BJD addiction", more or less...:XD:
      For me, I just kept spending money on accessories for my dolls because I can't bear to see them in cheap T-shirts and pants while other people's dolls have elaborate outfits. It's like seeing my own children dressed shabbily while other kids got new clothes! It's just not fair... you see what I mean;)
      As for new dolls... Ultimately I want every single one of my original characters shelled as dolls, so I kept buying new ones... :sweat Not even a year into the hobby and I already have 5 dolls XD
      There you go, you're not alone Pigxels! ^ ^ Though I'm in too deep to back out now, I guess, I can't quit if I wanted to haha!
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    13. I have been shopping a lot more since I bought my doll but it’s very satisfying getting an item that I know will sell out fast and not be restocked for a while. The signature wig is important to me because I feel hair broadcasts personality well. Fortunately, my doll doesn’t have expensive tastes (the character is blue collar and just lives in t-shirt/shorts) so I haven’t been looking at suits/tailoring/fashion conscious clothes.

      I don’t really spoil my dog either as I think being content does not necessarily require very expensive things. Plus, she’s demanding enough as it is! And I treat myself on occasion like I finally got myself the premium black jeans i’d wanted for months and now I can just live in them for the rest of 2019. After I make a big doll related order i’ll usually go for thrifty things like going to the beach (free) and reading books at home instead of restaurants and ticketed recents.
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    14. I relate so hard to all these stories! It's amazing how frugal I can be about myself (Leftovers from the office party? Great! Now I don't need to buy groceries for a week! More money for dolls!) but how warped my sense of frugal is for dolls. I have had to set myself artificially low limits on clothing, accessories and props because otherwise $140 for a 1/4 couch for MSDs seems like such a reasonable price...Though I am not a big spender on normal human pursuits. Some people will drop $140 a night to drink and eat and go party, or they'll buy a bracelet that costs my month's rent. I was never the kind of person to spend the Big Bucks on things I know are both frivolous and not fun. Dolls are fun so even if they're frivolous I'd be happier with my collection than if I was getting $100 facials every month and drinking 90 year old scotch for breakfast. Priorities!
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    15. I guess whatever I'm "into" at the moment tends to take most of my money. I can go for months without spending money on BJDs/their items and then bam, suddenly one (or two, or three) dolls pop up secondhand or in stock that inspire ideas, or I go on a doll clothes shopping spree when I learn a little more about the character of one of my dolls (or they change character entirely). I'm definitely trying to be more aware of my spending habits so that I can hopefully break bad ones and save money for purchases that will bring me joy. I don't really regret any purchases, though - each has taught me something about what I like/dislike about different doll companies and styles, and I know better what to look for in future expenditures. I also need to keep reminding myself that while some dolls/accessories are really cool and/or extraordinary and/or adorable and I love them, they aren't necessarily for me. As much as I love what others did with them, would I really be the right owner? I'm super lazy with my dolls and don't photograph them anywhere near as often as I should. They mostly just chill with me and provide comfort and creative inspiration. I'm also slowly learning that not every character has to be a doll and not every doll has to be a character. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have the space or the money for a hoard of dolls and that regardless of how many I have, I'm going to play favorites anyway.
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    16. I have some rules for myself. No squirreling away more each paycheck than I do into my savings. No then using those savings for dolls. No credit. But to be honest, at this point I kind of want to be done buying dolls, at least for a year or two. I am always so busy saving for the dolls themselves I can't get them much. I have two more on my wishlist (and maaaybe an off-topic pet. Okay, probably an off-topic pet), but one is so expensive and the ordering period is around the same time as a doll convention and I don't know if the other one will also come out around that time or if I would have enough if it came out afterwards. I think I might just drop her entirely so I can finally focus on the lovely accessories. I think it would be nicer to drop smaller amounts here and there than constantly having months of saving.
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    17. This. (and priorities, indeed :XD:)
      Spend money on what makes you happy, as long as you make sure to pay what must be paid for (bills, food, savings, ect.). I'm happier with my dolls having nice clothes, than having expensive wear myself. So I am not going to force myself to spend money on something "just because".

      But oh how easy dolls are to spoil... like... "you already have 5 sailor-themed shirts, wear one of them!" "No, I need that new one too" "Actually, you make a good point"
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    18. If it’s not bjds, then it’s action figures. I swing back and forth between the two hobbies. I think I’ve finally decided I’m tired of paying off big purchases! March is the month I stop buying anything unplanned and pay off everything. It will be very hard being disciplined as I’ve let myself go for way too long. Self denial, the struggle is real.
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    19. Tiny props just drain my wallet like nothing else, but as many books as I already have, Lavinia needs a few! I am trying to learn sculpting to mitigate some of the cost, but sewing is still far in the future.
    20. I used to have this problem, but I've gotten much better about it, since my financial situation changed drastically. My dad always told me "the more you make, the more you spend", and it was true for me. I was constantly putting dolls on layaway or buying things for them when I had any spare money, but now that I need to budget more carefully, I have a small amount I set aside each week for "fun money", which can be dolls, gaming stuff, makeup, accessories for myself, art supplies, etc. Once it's gone, it's gone. No more til next week. That really helps me keep things in check, like I could get a new doll after saving up...or I could I get a new video game. Or that lipstick and eyeliner that makes me look almost as good as my dolls. Or that new pair of heels I've been wanting forever. My husband mostly controls the bank account (because he's the one working full time and is more responsible than me), so that also helps me stay within a reasonable budget.
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