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So Balsamic of Notdolllab

Jul 25, 2007

    1. They do, but Lucy has a sweeter not so evil expression. Maybe she grew out of it?
      I love this version, and the outfit is adorable. If I didn't already have a Lucy (so cute BTW) I'd get her.
    2. Can you tell if she's the same size as Lucy? She looks like a lighter tan version of Lolitan Lucy to me. Love the beauty mark version. She's a real cutie.
    3. Actually, I am a little disappointed--I love the orginal Lucy so much, this one looks too teed off to me. I do like the freckles on the one version--maybe as an ornery brother for my sweet Lucy?
    4. I like her. Such a pretty eye-shape and that mole is too cute.
    5. I think she s adorable!
    6. I think she looks adorable too! and I've been looking for a tiny sized girl with this kind of look to her too:) But first I've got to save my money to buy my first bjd.. and then I can consider getting her:sweat
    7. Wow... I really love her! I can't decide who is cuter, though! Those lips are just great, and I love the tan skin! *counts pennies*
    8. I hope they don't make a "So Balsamic - I Am So Fine"

    9. Hey, we might be in the minority, but some of us like Miriam! ;) Though I really can't imagine them doing another such extreme design again in the near future...
      I do really like the skin tone and eyes of this little one. I wish they had a bigger close-up of the freckled face.
    10. I have one on the way and a tan Lucy too. They have the same body so hopefully I'll have twins.