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so do you think of your mini as

Jun 10, 2008

    1. an adult, teen or child? If you think of that kind of thing at all. I've been thinking and I can't decide if Arafel (bobobie pixie) is small because she is a pixie or because she is a child. Her character is still developing. But I was wondering how others felt? Do you have other larger or smaller dolls?
    2. Hello! I have a dream of doll he's a dream of child hoo and eventhough child is in the title I still think of him as more of a teenager. but then again with some of the luts dollfie's they are the same size as my hoo but I see them as children. I tend to focus on the face personally anyway hope i helped a little8-)
    3. I look at my boy as a teen, personally xD Older teen to early adulthood.
    4. Mine is a child, she has an immature body but I chose that body because I wanted her to be a young girl (she's not a Bobobie though, a different brand). I also have a tiny who is a fairy- she's very young as well though. But if I had a mature mini with elf ears, I might just say that that's someone else from the fairy world, I don't imagine they're all in the same scale as humans, so a mature mini could be an adult of some smaller type of fairy. :)
    5. Mine are far too mature-bodied to be children, unless they're suffering from some seriously precocious puberty. :sweat
    6. mine are seriously good looking late teens. Except for Narae, who is a few years older.
    7. I guess I'll be the odd one out and say that my two mature minis are women, definately full grown women. In fact, Bela,my MNF Miyu, is practically in her 30s (or at least appears that way). :sweat I use the excuse of "fantastical creature" to account for their smaller size.
    8. I look at mine as teens....varing in age (16-18).
    9. mine run the gambit

      Mir who has a child body is something around 10 or 12. My Shiwoo Vamp Elf on A-line body...definitely an adult..that body is ripped. Unoa big bust girl is also more adult...
    10. I consider my MNF Shushu (large bust) to be college-aged (late teens/early 20's ). This is because of her body shape and how she dresses.
    11. I got my Megi with like a teenager in mind @_@
    12. Wrath (my AOD Rao) definately appears to be 16 or 17, her body is to developed to be one of a child.
    13. Mine are both in their teens/early 20s I guess. They have immature bodies but are relatively independent/mentally mature.
    14. Most of mine are teens, except Kryss who's in his twenties and Opallo who is much older, although I'm not sure how old.
    15. Gwenllian is an immature body Soulkid girl, so I see her as about 13 years of age, a bit of a late bloomer. I'm getting her brother, a Soulkid Harang, soon and he's going to be older, about 16.
    16. Hmm, I haven't gotten to my minis yet (should start ordering the first within the month), but I know age plans.

      First: at this time I expect I will never have a BJD who is a child... I just don't like children

      Second: age will be dictated by the character
      for thothep this means he's actually thousands of years old, but physical ageing was almost stopped when he was 14
      for the twins once they get here I'll figure out if they're teens or adults, I've played with their characters from early teens through late twenties, so they could fall anywhere in there (and they stayed short the whole way)
    17. LOL! Amen!

      For me, it depends. My open-eyed Elf Shushu I look at as being in her late teens to early twenties (despite that she's prolly much older than that in human years), but my sleeping vampire Elf Shushu is definitely an adult of infinite age. XD I have another mini planned to be about Vana's age as a mini, but then again, I'm also planning on a BF Olive who is SUPPOSED to be very young, so I may up her to young teens so that her size will fit in with my other minis. ^^; So yes, it definitely depends on the character and the sculpt.
    18. Both of my dolls are minis and I consider them both as children. Just because they look like kids to me.
    19. my minis are 13 so early teens? or does that still count as a tween?
    20. Mine are early 20's. I don't look at my MSDs as younger versions of SDs. They are grouped separately and have their own storyline from my SD. I also tend to be drawn towards more mature looking MSDs.

      I do have larger and smaller dolls and they all just have their own separate storylines. For me, a lot of what goes into what age they are is how I feel when I first see them. I usually get an idea of their age, name, and personality once they are here.