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So, How often do you have nightmares about something happening to your doll/s?

Jul 28, 2017

    1. Ever since I got my pricey baby, I have had multiple bad dreams that something has happened to him. I break down crying hard in my dreams.. but.. always wake up from them with laughter that my mind is so paranoid about something impossible happening to the little man sleeping safely in his bed beside me.

      I've dreamed that his leg ended up cracked all the way up...
      I've dreamed that instead of fading, he hit the sun for only a few minutes, and got a permanent suntan on half his body...

      Tonight, I dreamed I was in Vegas with him, and right after walking past a BJD meeting with cute dolls, the summer sun was too much and his face melted right off into the "medal hook inside his head".

      What kind of weird things do you dream happening to your doll?
    2. I don't really dream about my dolls. Daydreams about something bad happening though? Ho boy. I'm constantly paranoid about the idea of one or both of my teenage sisters holding a stereotypical teen-movie party in the basement, where my room is, and breaking into my room to cause chaos. I can just imagine some dumb teens wrecking havoc on someone else's dolls and it distresses me so much. And, often, I can't just "knock" myself out of daydreams so I have to finish the plot thread, just like a movie, or it'll come back later...*_* Though at least in this senario there's a culpable party - if this ever happened they'd be footing the bill.
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    3. Weirdly enough I stopped having nightmares after getting my first resin kid home. I had a lot of weird dreams about having a dozen different box openings but the reoccurring Avalon induced nightmare, was that my (ex) best friend at the time had smashed him to pieces as a joke. (In real life she was really mean when it came to my stuff including making me chase her at SEVENTEEN to get my first doll back cause she wouldn't give her back to me.) I had this nightmare basically nonstop during his shipping process cause I was terrified she was going to break him just to mess with me.

      She never laid a hand on him, mostly cause I made it clear if she didn't cut this out and touched him without permission she was footing the bill for any damages she might cause him. (Bit rude? Yeah. Did I care? She manhandled my first doll for the tenth time when I finally snapped)
    4. Honestly I don't really have nightmares (nor dreams) about my dolls. The one I recall is when I dreamt I came into my room and found dozens of dolls that weren't mine. I think it's more a dream than a nightmare though :)
    5. I don't think I have ever had a nightmare concerning my bjd collection. But as @Mayhem suggests, the paranoia fueled by daydreams that something will go wrong in my waking hours is definitely there.

      I often think of things that can go wrong, like breaking a doll, dropping a doll, staining my dolls, having someone else damage them, or even having my dolls stolen. :...(

      Thankfully none of that has happened. :)
    6. Very rarely do I have dreams about my dolls. Strangely, more often than the dolls themselves, I'll have dreams from my doll characters' perspectives! Probably because I roleplay them, I'm used to thinking in character so that transfers to my dreams.

      I have had a few dreams about the dolls but I don't remember much about them. I've been in the hobby for over nine years so I think most of paranoia over damaging them has long passed for me.
    7. At least once every other night. TT^TT In my latest nightmare, I'd put Aramy too close to the radiator and his face freakin' melted and turned red! Oh god that was horrifying. I don't think resin does that if you overheat it, though...imagine my relief when I woke up and checked and saw he was okay. I think in that same dream there was a part where I had Aramy unsecured in his box while my mom was driving like a maniac....

      I probably have too much anxiety to engage in this hobby without having nightmares, haha.
    8. I did a lot in the beginning. And is was always about the face-up getting ruined in some way. I guess it was my biggest fear, especially since I made the face-ups myself and the thought of redoing it and it not being as good then, ugh...
      But since moving onto mainly vinyl ones, I have not dreamed about my dolls at all. (Probably since you would have to work hard to ruin their face-ups)
    9. Never. I'm not a worrying kind of person. Yes, there are things that could happen, but my brain understands that they're not going to spontaneously break or melt (I've had them for a while, handled them a lot, done modifications, etc--I know how they handle and how sturdy they are).

      I've had a dream or two, and one of them did involve broken dolls. But the thing is, they weren't my dolls--they weren't anyone else's dolls, either, at least no one who wanted them. I was at an old job, and we found a couple of Soom TGs with repairable damage in the trash, so I was allowed to take them out, clean them up and keep them. I was honestly a little disappointed waking up from that, they would have been a fun restoration. :)
    10. Never. I don't think I've ever had dreams about my BJDs at all. When I was little, I used to dream of finding an antique doll with a trunk full of clothes in the attic. :)
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    11. A couple of times I dreamt of my doll without gum, unassembled. I'm more afraid of thinking about what she lost.
    12. I did have a couple dreams while I was waiting for my Soom Hyperon that all involved the peril of his box. It usually ended with the box getting delivered to me on a rainy day (more like torrential downpour) and it was completely soaked through. Everything was wet inside and starting to smell of mold. Yuck! Everything was perfectly fine when he arrived though ^__^
    13. Off and on. Typically involves them being harmed/stolen/etc. My dolls are particularly sentimental to me so it tends to leave me a little unsettled.
    14. I usually don't remember my dreams, so I can go years without "having" one.

      I've never dreamed about my dolls. My last dream was three years ago, and it involved maggots in my hair (just that, nothing else happened), and I woke up with a headache (so that was why).

      The dream before that was five years ago and involved doing laundry. And then I had one maybe eight or nine years ago about going down a very old stone staircase with a thick carved wooden bannister down each side.

      So yeah. Not many doll dreams. It's really hard for me to picture faces while awake, so I guess it makes sense that my dreams don't really center around people or characters.
    15. I have dreams quite often about my boys expensive face-up getting chipped, or rubbing off (just from picking him up). or him getting left somewhere. :eek::sweat
    16. I have had one dream where someone threw my dolls on the floor out of anger, not realising the cost or attachment I had for them. Though in my dream I had multiple dolls none of which I actually own. I have never dreamed of a doll I own oddly.
    17. Once in a while I have dreams about my crew. I don't recall most of them, but there is one from the other night that's still on my mind.

      The boy in particular involved in this dream, well...I modded elf ears on him a couple months back. In the dream, I can't really recall much of what actually happened, but...I do remember a tip of one of his elf ears breaking off.:shudder It's a big fear of mine that it will happen in real life, and it affected me bad enough one night that I had a nightmare about it!:horror:
    18. I always tend to have weird dreams when I'm waiting for a doll, where it comes and it's the wrong doll or it's broken or something. But otherwise I never really have bad dreams about dolls I have home.
    19. I dream about my doll about a week ago.
      In my bad dreams, he falls so hard and broken all over :') I'm so shocked but I become paranoid lolol
    20. I haven't had any dreams good or bad about my dolls actually but my little brother said he had a nightmare once that my dolls became alive and came after him haha bless him , he really doesn't like them